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Welcome to Peace of Movement, a Stress Management Place

Schedule appointments withLeslie here! PLEASE contact Erin Allgood for massage or Sally Sumpter for Energy work through their contact page via
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Our Services

Stress Management Sessions
Let's figure out how to navigate through your general anxiety together! 3 sessions to learn realistic tools to learn immediately. Program goal is designed to be completed within 3 weeks. Pay in advance $145 or $50 per 45-60 minute session. For more information, go to
Personal Shopping
Personal Shopping
Reiki Session
Receive an overall sense of well being and inner balance. Go to for more information
Guided Meditation
Learn to slow down and improve your sense of self. For more information, go to
Energetic Boundary
Learn to protect your personal space. For more information, go to
Youth Sessions
Stress management or Reiki sessions to help those 6-17 years old.
Reiki class

Our Staff

Leslie Carey
Leslie is a Stress Management Facilitator and helps her clients by showing them ways to strengthen their inner dialogue as well as offering overall feelings of well being. After being a Clinical Massage Therapist for 12 years, she is focused on her 10+ years as a Reiki practitioner to help clients on a deeper level.
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