DAP5 is the home of great voice recording artists like Dustin Alexander-Perez and others. We're glad you're here and considering using our talents to make your campaign excellent.
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Our Services

Initial Consultation (Per project)
One-time, initial consultation. Minimum: 15 minutes. Maximum: 1 hour.
Voice Recording Artist Hourly Package
This package is handy if you're not sure exactly how much you need said or where you're going to use the package. However, final licensing is a separate fee.
Storyboard Planning
Every project we work on whether a 15-second "billboard" style announcement to television series is brought to life on a storyboard for clarity, production and market effectiveness. This meeting can be done via teleconference, video conference or in person. Storyboards are required for every project. We won't proceed without being organised especially at the competitive rates we ask of you.
Script Writing & Editing
Separate service from storyboarding. 1 hour minimum. Not charged by the minute. English only. Foreign languages extra.
On-Camera Talent
Live shots or pre-production for airing later, this package includes a mixture of rehearsal, wardrobe and makeup time, coaching & prep time as well as actual "takes." Minimum: 3 hours.
On-Air Radio Talent
Applies to AM, FM, DB & Satellite radio transmitted programming. Two-hour minimum required. Scripts must be available 48 hours before broadcast time.
Staff Meeting
General appointment time for inter-company as well as consumer-company meeting time.

Our Staff

Booking Agent
Booking Agent & Talent Broker