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Our Services

Essential Manicure
Traditional manicure, which includes shaping the nails, pushing back cuticles, trimming as needed, hand massage, and optional polish.
Gel Manicure
Essential Manicure with Gel Polish.
Powder Perfection
Acrylic dipping powder for strength and durability. Features a Gel-like shine, 14+ days wear, chip resistant, and quick drying.
Pampered Hands Spa Manicure
Essential Manicure plus hand scrub, paraffin or mask, hand and forearm massage, and optional polish.
Essential Pedicure
Most popular pedicure; includes removal of old polish, trimming/shaping nails, grooming cuticles, heel exfoliation, callus smoothing, salt/sugar scrub, leg/foot massage, and optional polish.
Gotta Scoot! Pedi
Only have time for a quickie? This treatment includes trimming/shaping nails, grooming cuticles, quick salt scrub, quick lotion application, and optional polish.
Double Delight Mani-Pedi
Combination of Essential Manicure and Essential Pedicure.
Gel Mani & Essential Pedi
Combination of Gel Manicure and Essential Pedicure.
Essential Mani & Gotta Scoot! Pedi
Team up the Essential Mani with an express pedi.
Drool Foot Massage
20-30 minute foot massage to reduce edema, increase flexibility, induce relaxation, and stress relief. Includes Warm Paraffin treatment. *Add on to Essential or Gotta Scoot Pedi.
Men’s Classy Mani
Includes trimming and shaping the nails, cuticle treatment, sugar scrub, massage, and optional buff shine.
Men’s Restorative Manicure
The Classy Mani including a warm hand soak, exfoliating scrub, Paraffin Wax treatment, massage, and optional buff shine.
Men’s Classy Pedi
Includes trimming and shaping toenails, cuticle treatment, heel and callus exfoliation, salt scrub, massage, and optional buff shine.
Men’s Restorative Pedicure
The Classy Pedi including a mineral foot bath, alpha-hydroxy acid callus treatment, salt scrub, cooling foot masque, cucumber foot cream, massage, and optional buff shine.
Dapper Man
Combination of Men’s Classy Mani and Classy Pedi
Big Poppa
Combination of Men’s Restorative Manicure and Restorative Pedicure
Gel Fill-in
Includes thinning old gel and application of new gel to create a fresh, balanced finish. Optional polish.
Gel Fill-in with White Tips
Gel fill-in and sculptured white tips to create a classic French look.
Gel Full Set
Includes application of tips. This hypo-allergenic, odorless and acrylate-free gel is sculptured onto the nails to create gorgeous, thin and natural-looking enhancements.
Spa Pedicure
Includes Essential Pedicure and your choice of either Chocolate, Marine, or Pumpkin foot scrub and warm mask. Also, extended leg/foot massage and optional polish.
Spa Mani-Pedi
Choose either Marine, Chocolate Dream, or Pumpkin Pie Spa Pedicure to compliment your Pampered Hands Spa Manicure.
Paraffin Wax
Application of warm paraffin wax and snugly mitts or booties used to soften, soothe, and hydrate the skin. Hands - $10 | Feet - $15.
Polish Refresh
Removal of old nail polish, shape nails, application of fresh nail polish. Hands - $15 Feet - $25
French White Tips
Gel Polish Pedi Add-On
Gel or Acrylic product removal
Nail Repair
Nail Art
(Service time varies)
Chrome Effects
Iridescent metallic tones that reflect rays of light for a mirror-like finish.

Our Staff

Beverly Smith
Serving with 20+ years in salon nail care