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Our Services

15 min FREE - Phone Consultation
Schedule your 15 min phone consult. I request that you schedule a time that you are in a space you can openly talk about intimacy and sensuality, and I suggest make it possible to be unburdened for our 15 min. together.
1x1 session : my location *(FIRST SESSION ONLY)
THIS IS FOR FIRST COMERS ONLY! 90 min Session with me ! IN PERSON Starts with NAKED Kundalini Meditation and goes into self touch , pleasurable orgasmic sounds , and then Full Body2Body Massage
1x1 session : returning student : my location
COMING BACK xox YAY ! yas yas yas , I am happy to continue to deepen our practice and experience together !!!!! If you haven't already take a look at the 10% off session packages I have for returning students! Simply contact me directly to set that up for you! and I look forward to seeing you SOON!!!!
1x1 session : returning student : your location
*limited locations *WE (You and I) MUST HAVE BRIEF PHONE CALL BEFORE SESSION IS CONFIRMED* A WonderFULL juicy session , of relaxation , massage , meditation, tantric teachings for the most sensual self to be EXPRESSED and explored !
1x1 session : My Location (First SESSION ONLY)
Couples Session
*WE MUST HAVE A BRIEF PHONE CALL BEFORE OUR SESSION IS CONFIRMED* A WonderFULL juicy session , of relaxation , massage , meditation, tantric teachings for the most sensual self and in this case the most sensual partnership, to be EXPRESSED and explored ! Go into your relationship, and whatever it is you want to maybe: improve, let go of , forgive , explore , heal , sensualilze! YES have your questions , goals, curiosities and desires ready ! We are going to dive in together!!!
YOU + 2 Tantrikas : our location
Double your energetic experience with 2 Tantrikas , 2 women that both practice energetic healing through practices of ; massage , yoga , tantra , reiki , and FUN! Melt yourself with us! Your world will be blissed , blessed and bootylicious For Questions contact Shesuz : 512-766-3422 by txt and set up your phone consultation !
YOU + 2 Tantrikas : your location
Returning Session Packages!
This is for returning students of Shesuz who want a 1x1 session ! Save 10% on your sessions when you choose to pay for the packaged gift set ! 2-3 and 4 sessions in a bundle can be bought upfront and will be there for you when you want to book! 2 sessions - $540 3 sessions - $810 4 sessions - $1,080 ANY fun additions LIKE: -2 tantrikas -longer session time -your location -and whatever is further discussed WILL be extra and will not have the 10% discount applied THANK YOU
personalized video session : pre-recorded
a VID sesh! We simply chat about desires, ideas , sexyness , themes , possibilities and then I make a vid that comprises my teachings and techniques with Tantra , Self Love, Sensuality , Spirituality , Sexuality and sometimes dress up and fantasy characters ! -This is a GREAT option if you are in a different place in the world and want to connect with me! I want us to make it work! so this way you can! no matter where you're at! -This is a lengthy process for me ! so the longer the video request the more your donation will be! -This can require other tools props and extra set up time so depending on your requests and what we decide that TOO can determine the donation for your video -this is not a live video, and there is an option for that , still YOU will be required to have a chat with me so we can clarify our live video session, and what all your requests and desires and wishes are! Awesome <3 I am excited to hear from you!
Self Orgasm Class-Currently WOMEN ONLY!
Group Class Only AVAIL when Group Class is Held !
Sensual Dreams Interpretation and Guide
Ever wonder what your sensual dreams mean about you , your life and your deepest desires? In your session I provide MANY ENTICING THINGS! Like: -supercharging your sensual self -guided dream/fantasy meditations -interpretations of your dreams -dream and fantasy creation bringing your fantasies to sensational LIFE -give you dreamercises (dream exercises) to increase your night and daytime dreams that will ALSO charge up your inner power to be desired and create fantasies quicker in your waking life This is a manifesting and clearly obvious practice that allows you to tap into your law of attraction GREAT for WOMEN AND MEN!
The Attractionist: Evolved Masculine Course Attraction made Easy Whether you want to last longer in bed , to be more confident in your dating/sex life or give more pleasure in the bedroom, this course can help. Learn delicious(sacred) skills from two profound Sex and Intimacy coaches , Shesuz Heart and Sia Di, right in the comfort of your home. What is "The Attractionist"? The Attractioinist is a 4 week course broken into weekly sessions to prepare your; mind , body , heart and soul to be BLOWN wideeeeeeeeee open to what YOU want to Attract in your sensual life!

Our Staff

Shesuz studied Kundalini Meditation intensely for 3 months in Hawaii, where she came into Kundalini Awakening-full spectrum AliveNESS! She's a trained Yoga Instructor w/ Wanderlust Yoga Austin, and has over 4 years experience with teaching Naked yoga!