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iPhone Screen Repair

Repair for broken glass and/or displays on iPhones. Please choose your phone model.

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iPhone Battery Replacement

Replacement for worn out or bad battery. Select your iPhone model.

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iPhone Charging Port Repair

Replacing a faulty or broken charging port. Please select your iPhone model.

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iPad Glass Repairs

Replacement of broken glass on iPad models with separate displays. Please select your model. If not found, check under iPad LCD repairs.

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Nintendo Switch Repairs

Repairs on Nintendo Switch units. This category only covers the original style Switch with detachable Joy-Cons. For Switch Lite or the new Switch OLED model repairs, please contact us first.

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iPhone Back Glass Repair

Replacement of broken back glass for applicable models. Uses high tech laser removal system that allows for same-day turnaround on in-stock models. Please indicate color of glass in notes, as stock may be limited.

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Sam F.

(He/Him) - Sam Fullerton is co-owner and Senior Mobile Technician at Midwest Phone Lab. He's the shop's resident phone and tablet whisperer. Though he has only spent 4 years in the repair industry, his track record for bringing devices back from the brink of death speaks for itself, and his passion for electronics has expanded over 2 decades. His years of experience as a labor organizer and union educator have shaped his belief that transparency and honesty in the workplace should never take a back seat. As a Right To Repair activist he is driven to demystify the repair process and help customers understand what's going on inside of their proprietary devices, why devices fail, and what repairs should actually cost. In his free time, Sam is an avid movie lover and patron of the local music scene. He enjoys hacking retro toys and turning junk electronics into bizarre and impractical smart devices. He dislikes writing bio blurbs in the third person, but sometimes that can't be avoided.

Thomas S.

(They/Them) - Thomas is co-owner and Lead Computer Technician at Midwest Phone Lab. They've had their hands and head inside of computers and other electronics since they were a child, and the passion and curiosity carries into their work. They graduated from Madison College in 2017 with an Associate's Degree in Electronics/Engineering and enjoys using those skills professionally and personally. Their drive to discover why things work the way they do usually leads to creative solutions to some of more difficult problems. This frequently carries over outside of the shop, where they can usually be found enhancing and enjoying audio/visual systems.