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Our Services

Microblading (price $500)
Lips touch up
Powder Ombre (price $500)
Combination Brows (price $500)
Hair strokes and powder brow combination
Eyeliner (price $350)
This can include Classic Liner or Shadow Liner.
Lash Enhancement (price $300)
This is a conservative Liner that enhances the lash line. It does not include a wing
Lips (normal price $450)
Brows Initial touch up 6-8 weeks (price $75)
This service is to be completed no later than 10 weeks after the initial procedure otherwise it will be priced at Early Touch Up rate.
Brows Early Touch Up (price $100)
This service is for existing clients of mine who are passed 10 weeks from the original service date but have not exceeded 8 months past original service date.
Yearly touch up for Brows or Eyeliner (price $200)
This service is for clients of mine who are at least 8 months to a year passed the original service date, also known as a color boost.
Teeth Whitening (price $150)
Get that brighter, whiter smile in out convenient 1 1/2 hour appointments
Eyeliner initial touch up (price $75.00)
Color Correction
This is for clients who have had tattooing done elsewhere and have undesirable color that needs correction. This service can be in addition to other brow services or require multiple sessions.

Our Staff

Tessie Reynolds
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