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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:30 PM - 10:30 PM
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Our Services

Consultation possible color
Men’s signature haircut
Balayage and color balancing
Shampoo blow dry
Aroma Therapy Scalp massage, Enjoy wash/ conditioner and signature products for your personal hairstyle.
Partial foiling
Shoulder and above wash/blowout (no extra styling)
Full foiling medium length
Baby Shower
12:30-Geeta NYFacial 12:30-Wes NYFacial 12:30-Huyden 20 min table massage 1:00-Muneerah pre/natal 1:00-Berenice-60 min Parisian
All over color
Men’s cuts
This service starts with a light shampoo and signature cut.
Hair and special event makeup
Large partial foiling/haircut/style
Color/cut/style makeup tips
Consult/wash/cut/blow dry
Color correction
Root touch up/cut/style(in Santa Barbara)
Color and haircut
Color and hair trim
Full foil and tone
Full foil/toning/cut
Root touch up/ cut/style with flat iron
Blow dry smoothing
Kids cut (girls cut no blow dry)
Shampoo,condition and cut (no blow dry)
Root touch up/partial foil/ cut and blow out (short hair)
The works
Root color/Enjoy back bar (no blow out)
1/4 inch root touch up with Enjoy shampoo and conditioner no blow dry
Root touch up/cut/no blow dry
1/4 inch touch up, Enjoy back bar and wet cut
All over hair toning and trim
Includes clarifying shampoo treatment tone correction and haircut
Men’s signature cut with aroma therapy scalp massage
This service starts with an aroma therapy scalp massage with Jojoba and Lavender oil followed by a light shampoo and condition. Signature cut and styling.
Color correction with rainbow color
This service includes clarifying shampoo and Formula 18 pre-treatment (to maintain even porosity and maximum hair health through the service) Then your customized color application, followed by Formula 18 mask and blow dry! NOTE:(Could take up to 3 hours)
Hair painting and Shades EQ Toning
This Service includes Formula 18 clarifying shampoo and treatment mask for hair porosity and health. Then Formula 18 is used with Formula 18 bleach in your customized hair painting and or foil service (depending on your hairs needs) to finish the service, Shades EQ is used to defused any unwanted brassy tones and for finishing color blend.
Acupuncture with Katherine
Long hair blow dry/styling
Clip in extension installation
Color correction
Trim and Bangs
Full bleach transformation medium length hair
Blow dry and curling
Men’s haircut
Cut only
Formula 18 additive and mask treatment with blow dry
Price depending on your hair length and styling needs.
Full color correction on black hair
$75-$100 per hour to transform the hair.
Partial foil
Light dry trim
Hair is already dry
Medium length balayage painting
Keratin Treatment mid length hair
Medium length dry styling
Long hair color balancing
Full head lows long hair
Ombré bleaching medium length hair
Direct dye color on end, medium length hair
Chiffon Event Hair & Makeup
For Photography shoot. Client will send photo of ideas and designs Then proceed with Price
Event Hair 50% deposit
Short fine hair color refresh
F18 mask treatment short fine hair
Long hair blowdry/extensions in hair
Therapeutic Massage 60 Minutes
Choice of Deep Tissue / Relaxing Swedish Or a blend of both Tailor-made specialized for each individual
Therapeutic Massage 90 Minutes
Choice of Relaxing Swedish or Therapeutic Deep Tissue Or a unique combination
Sports Massage 60 Minutes
Designed for the athlete pre-and post workout enhances performance reduces 15 and relieve the muscle swelling and tension
Sports Massage 90 Minutes
Running to prepare the athlete for their best performance reduce his fatigue and relieves muscle swelling intention pre-and post workout
Hot Stone Massage 60 Minutes
Meltaway stress with hot stones scented Oils & a Pampering Massage to create a relaxing balance
Hot Stone Massage 90 Minutes
Melt stresses away with a lovely hot stone massage with scented oil’s and pampering hot towels to create a relaxing balance and restore vitality.
Prenatal Massage 60 Minutes
At gentle therapeutic massage Using light defused pressure to ease muscle tension associated with pregnancy
Prenatal Massage 90 Minutes
Gentle therapeutic massage using light defused pressure to use muscle tension Associated with pregnancy
Couples Massage 60 Minutes 5pm-10pm only
We create a private sanctuary for you and your loved one or friend as you indulge in a massage in our beautiful French shabby chic spa boutique. Includes complimentary glasss of wine and chocolates.
Couples Massage 90 Minutes 5pm-10pm
We create a private sanctuary for you and your loved one or friend as you indulge in a massage in our beautiful French shabby chic spa boutique. Includes complementary glasses of wine and chocolate
Massage Add On Menu
Choose from: body brushing foot detox reflexology aromatherapy CBD treatments for muscles Crystal skin tools red light therapies
Facial 30 Minute Express
Lovely and efficient cleansing exfoliation hydration with Jurlique product line
Facial 60 Minute The Parisian
All the perks of the New Yorker with extractions facial mask steaming lavender wraps and neck and shoulders massage
Facial 90 Minute Deluxe Organic Purification
Organic anti-aging enzyme exfoliation Extractions Cleansing mask eye brightener amethysts cooling crystals (Reduces puffiness in the eyes) hydrating treatments lavender oil steaming face wraps moisturizing solar protection.
Waxing Brazilian
Event Makeup with Kelly
Bikini Wax w/Kelly
Bikini Wax w/Tori
Brow Wax w/Kelly
Dark color correction on long hair

Our Staff

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