Veracity Skin Studio

Veracity takes a holistic approach to skin care. Calm minds, rested spirits, and healthy habits help create a clear, glowing complexion. Offering Cruelty Free skin care, skin treatments, waxing, brow shaping and more.
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Our Services

Brow Wax
Designer shaping based on your face shape and brow goals.
Brow Tweeze
Designer shaping based on your face shape and brow goals.
Brow tint
Brow tint and wax
Lip wax
Chin wax
Neck Wax
Nose wax
Ear wax
Lash tint
Lash lift
The CurlPerfect Lash Lift is a perming method that is safer, more effective and more beautiful than traditional eyelash perms. It’s a great alternative to eyelash extensions for those who do not have the time or want the cost of lash maintenance. The Lash Lift lasts up to 8 weeks.
Lash lift and tint
Instantly rejuvenating by gently scraping away dulling dead skin and vellus hairs. This treatment will leave your skin smoother, brighter, and hair free.
Dermaplaning add on
add on to 60min or 90min facial
Express facial treatment (15-30min)
60min Signature Facial
Customized to suit your skin’s needs. This facial includes a thorough skin analysis followed by customized exfoliation and treatment based on your skin needs. All facials include extractions when needed.
Gua Sha facial 60min
Lifting, sculpting, smoothing, clearing, and brightening all in one treatment! Gua Sha is the Chinese Medicine practice of scraping a flat Jade stone over the skin to relax muscle tension, increase blood flow, and promote lymphatic drainage. Unlike Body Gua Sha which involves deep pressure and can leave redness and bruising, Facial Gua Sha is much lighter pressure and will leave your skin glowing.
Lymphatic Drainage Facial
MLD (manual Lymphatic drainage) helps to increase movement in the lymphatic system which removes waste and toxins from the tissues. This detoxification process will reduced swelling/puffiness and result in rejuvenate, less congested, more hydrated skin.
90min Signature Lux Facial
Relaxation is key to clear skin. Customized to suit your skins need this facial also includes a hydrating foot or hand treatment as well as an additional custom masque. Extractions included as needed.
Luminous Lux facial (90min)
Gua Sha and Herbal Poultice come together for the ultimate natural face lift. Herbal Poultice uses subtle heat mixed with organic herbs to relax muscle tension, detoxify skin, and release stagnant energy. Gua Sha will lift, sculpt, and brighten the skin while mentally melting away stress. Combine these ancient techniques with the highest quality nontoxic products - you won’t believe the glow.

Our Staff

Nathalie Pearce