Mobile Bicycle Repair in the Houston Metro Area
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Our Services

The Real Tuneup
Inspect and adjust brakes and derailleurs. True wheels . Check and adjust hubs. Clean and lube drivetrain. Check and adjust headset and bottom bracket. Clean frame and wheels.....Does not include parts.
Bicycle Assembly
This service includes unpacking, assembly and tuning of any bicycle new or used.....Does not include parts....
The Overhaul
​Overhaul Includes: Disaasemby of the Entire Bicycle & Cleaning | Lubricating & Reassembly | Full Adjustments of all Systems | Di2 updates and Customization | This Service also Provides the Perfect time to Replace, or Upgrade Bearings ,Cables and Components. I Highly Recommend New Cables with Every Overhaul. ***Parts not included*** ***Prices are subject to change***
Kids Bike Tuneup
Kids Bike Tuneup is perfect for getting your child's bike in great condition for the upcoming school year. Tuneup Includes: Safety Check on the Entire Bike | Drivetrain Lubrication | Tire Inflation | Brake Adjustment | Setting Seat Height | Helmet Fit Check. ***Parts not included***Prices May Vary***
The Woodlands Flat Change
.....This service is only available in The Woodlands..... includes standard tube and labor.
Packing bike for travel or moving....In box or travel case....Boxes and packing material available upon request for an additional charge.....Travel cases are available for purchase.
Custom Bicycle Build
This service is for building up new or old frames with new or old parts. We can transplant your parts to a new frame .This service can take the better part of a day depending on the complexity of the bike.
Busy Mom Multi-Bike Workorder
If you have a garage full of bikes that all need some kind of attention. Give me a brief overview what you have and we can work out needs to done.
Age Group Nationals Transport Deposit
Deposit for Bike Transport for trip to Milwaukee. Space is limited

Our Staff

Justin Zaiser