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Our Services

Lash extensions full set
Volume lash extensions are skillfully applied by an artist. Fluffy fans are made, by hand, during the application process. Anywhere from 2-8 extensions are adhered to each natural lash at a time using adhesive made specifically for the process. They boast a beautiful, dark yet natural effect that will have people asking how you were so blessed! Not all volume is natural looking, be sure to discuss your expectations.
PMU consultation
Consultation for permanent makeup- microblading, powder brows, lashline enhancement. 25 deposit held for booking consultation appointment, can be used towards permanent makeup session booked.
Keratin Lash Infusion
Keratin Lash Infusion is not your average lash lift, but rather a Keratin infusion and conditioning treatment that leaves your lashes curled, lifted, healthy and shiny. This is the only system that is a true Keratin infusion clinically proven to strengthen and rehydrate your natural lashes making them grow stronger and longer.
Keratin Brow Infusion
This treatment smooths out coarse brow hair and tames it in the direction you want it to flow. It also infuses keratin and a growth factor that may assist in growth and thickness of your natural brows. Service includes brow shaping post treatment.
Express fill
(Option for current clients only)
Natural Fill
A natural fill is for those who have more than 50% of their extensions intact, or those usually coming in around the two week mark. At this appointment grown out extensions are removed and replaced, while natural lashes that have shed are re-lashed. Ensure you book as much time as needed to avoid disappointment! If you're rough on your lashes you will need more work.... please book accordingly
Fuller fill
This option is for those who desire a fuller result or come back every three weeks and have at least 40% of their extensions remaining. All new growth is lashed and all grown out extensions are removed and replaced with new fluffy fans! This option is the most utilized service and ensures you're getting as many lashes as possible to keep them looking fab longer.
Lash extensions demi set
This is considered a half set of volume lashes, either concentrated on the outer half of the lashline or evenly dispersed through the lashline for a light lash set.
Styled Lash Lift
Signature brow wax or tweeze shaping
Styled Brow
Signature brow wax with styling
Henna Makeup Styled Brow
Henna makeup stain styling with signature brow service
Microblading brows
Ombré powder brow
Lashline enhancement
Brow color boost
Color boost for brows over 1 year healed
Lashline color boost
Color boost for liner over 1 year healed
Lip Blush Effect
A blush stain effect for lip, includes 2 sessions
Perfecting session
Full Face wax
Full face wax including basic brow shaping, does not include brow styling
Lip wax
10 minutes to a fuzz free upper lip
Chin wax
Lash Removal
Removal service for existing lash extensions
Styled Lash
SMF Society Lash Membership
Please enquire about current openings for this limited society The Sexy MotherFluffers Society members enjoy a weekly 40 minute fill to keep their lashes at maximum fluff capacity!
SMF Society membership fill
Membership required to book

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