Fetch Please Dog Training

Fetch Please is a dog training service which provides private lessons in-home, at our training facility, or in public. We also offer a variety of group classes. With a positive reinforcement approach, Fetch Please aims to not only train the animal but help the owner understand the training concepts so they can ultimately continue training on their own! For more details, visit our website - www.fetchpleasedogtraining.com, call, or email us for more details.
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4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Our Services

12 1-hr Naughty Paws Program
Private Lessons
The concepts taught during private lessons are focused on training not only the dog but the owner as well! The private lesson format allows the trainer to truly customize training for each dog's individual needs and opens the floor for owners to ask whatever questions they have.
4 Lesson Package - remaining lessons
Once you've scheduled the 1st lesson and paid for the package, you can choose to schedule the remaining 3 lessons online. The location of the lessons defaults to your home, unless a different location has been discussed with your trainer.
Six 1-hour lessons
This is the 4 Lesson Package but instead of four 1.5-hour lessons, the lessons are converted to six 1-hour lessons. This is an alternative scheduling that must be discussed with the trainer
Naughty Paws Program
This package includes 8 lessons, each 1.5 hours long. Focuses on counter conditioning, desensitization and BAT, along with establishing foundation pieces to training. Meant for dogs with behavioral concerns such as reactivity, aggression, anxiety, etc.

Our Staff

Lori Winston