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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Our Services

Bella Beauty Twist on Yeso wrap
In a hurry don't have time for session. This is fast and burns fat cells and firms ,get wrapped with Yeso keep on for up to 8 hrs cut off and your done .
Organic Ice (Pure Sculpt) & Wood Body Sculpting
All natural product (Pure Sculpt) that freezes and breaks down fat cells, allowing for relocation and removal of unwanted fat. Benefits: Detox your body, Helps restore elasticity, reduce cellulite, remove resistant fat,production of new collagen, activates lymphatic system. Results are permanent. There's No downtime.
Cavation( Burn that Unwanted Fat)
Cavitation is a treatment that uses frequency sound waves to burst fat cells.That's right get rid of that stubborn unwanted fat.This process heats the layers of fat cells and breaks down so they can be flushed away thru lymphatic system.
Booty Lifts/ Breast Lift
No Needles,No downtime,No pain. Enhance and lift.Non-Invasive involves restoring and increasing buttocks volume with your own fat using vacuum therapy. A technique that promotes natural lifting and tightening of the skin beneath the surface.
Wood therapy & Cellulite treatment
Wood therapy intenseify the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite, so that it can be naturally eliminated with other toxins thru the lymphatic system.
Lasar Lipo
No needles,No downtime, No pain. Burn unwanted fat cells. Non-Invasive procedure elminates those unwanted bulgesand stubborn fat.
Tighten loose skin
Body sculpting non-invasive, non surgical,no needles,no downtime. Skin tightening the desired area using radio frequency as well as a customized treatment for each client.
Sauna Detox Wrap
Relax and enjoy laying down in our sauna detox wrap. Cleanse and detox the whole body. Purges toxin out, improves your immune system,tones the skin.Relaxes muscles & bursn calories
Yoni Steam
Yess a facial for the vagina. It's aimed to cleanse,detox and tone up your vaginal lips,vaginal walls, cervix and uterus . A self health practice to restore health and balance. Benefits: Menstrual pain Fertility Postpartum Irregular periods Womb cleanse Increase libido and sooo much more
Led Teeth Whitening
That's right get that beautiful smile you always wanted.
Eyebrow tint
Eye Lash Tint
Bye Bye Mascara
Lash Perming
Full long lashes just a extra touch to your real lashes
Express Facial/Teens
Cleanse, Exfoliation,Moisturize
High Frequency Facial
Helps with stubborn acne,shirks pores,reduce fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes, and fade dark circles. The electric current can enhance blood circulation, increase collagen, and helps eliminate toxins,
Men's Facial
Soothing & Refreshing Experience -Deep cleanse, Exfoliate away the dead skin cells. Steam to open pores, extractions, Facial Massage, mask, tone & Moisturize
Men High frequency/ Facial
All of above but includes high frequency. High frequency is good for (anti-bacterial/ germicidal properties.) The light therapy is also for growth and stimulation for the hair.
A procedure that is Non-Invasive. It exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dead skin cells and revel younger healthier skin. Helps with fine wrinkles,age spots,sun damage,clogged pores and skin texture. This treatment encourages the production of new layer of skin cells w/higher levels of collagen and elastin.
European Deep Facial
Deep pore cleanse to purify and hydrate the skin, includes relaxing face, neck and decollate massage.
Signature Facial
Cleanse, Exfoliation,Steam,Extractions,Massage,Tone,Moisturize
Deep Cleanse Facial
Just like European Facial with out the massage
Cluster,sinles,lash strips
Full Arm
Half Arm
Full Leg
Half leg
Brazilian Wax
Brazilian Wax Package 1
2 for 80
Brazilian Wax Package 2
3 for 120
Brazilian Wax Package 3
4 for 155
Unbeatable Body Sculpting Service Package 3 sessions
3 sessions In this package you can mix it up. Customize to your needs.
Complete Body Scultping Service Package 6 sessions
Mix it up to fit your needs and desires.
Special Deal Owner Usage For Service
Only Owner
Mega Sessions (9)
Get 9 sessions of services mix and match customize to your desires and free Teeth Whitening included

Our Staff

La Bella Beauty (Lequita Belle)
I Love and enjoy the world of beauty and making people's dreams become a reality. The joy of making people feel beautiful and the best that they are. I'm a licensed Esthetician of NC, as well as licensed and trained as a certified Body sculpting Artist.