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Cohesive Consulting, is a professional service that provides business development and strategic management for those aspiring to start a business as well as those who want to scale and grow their existing business. We are the ULTIMATE business resource & solution center providing front-end and back-end support such as; business formation, website development, graphic design, staff training, product placement and photography, marketing, branding, research data analysis, we can and will do it all to expand our clientele's business. We're here to service all business needs!
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Virtual Professional Consultation (Required to initiate services)
Obtaining a Virtual Assistant saves you time, money, and your sanity in your business. Did you know the more time you put into working in your business, the lessen your salary becomes. Time depreciates value. If you're tired of restless nights due to long hours or in need of organization and structure in your business, schedule a Consultation today, so we can assist in creating you a systematic approach in getting things done; cohesively.
ADD-ON (Request to Meet in Person instead of Video Conference)
If you rather we meet in person, due to inability to conference call via web cam. or any other reason, there will be an additional $75 convenience fee.
Administrative Package- Starter Kit
A starter package, for those who are new to hiring a Virtual Assistant. This package is for 10 hours of work for a month, hours aren't rolled over, that will create organization in a business operational department. Some tasks are: Creating and updating databases Data Entry Managing contacts and connections Managing email inboxes (setting up labels, folders, filters and handling responses) Costumer service through chat or email Creating slides for webinars Creating spreadsheets Ordering supplies Purchasing, packaging, and sending gifts to clients Writing and sending thank you's Writing job listings, and managing resumes
Administrative Package-Mid-Range
Everything listed in the Starter Kit, with 20 hours monthly.
Administrative Package-Premium Services
Everything listed in the Starter Kit for 30 hours a month.
Email Marketing- Starter Kit
Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Typically beneficial for those who already have an email list curated with clients. This starter kit is for 10 hours a month, with non-transferable hours. Some of the tasks can include: Setting up auto-responders Scheduling email campaigns Designing email templates Managing the newsletter Email list segmentation Scrubbing email lists Product launch management
Email Marketing- Mid Range
Everything included in the Starter Package for 20 hours a month. (Non-transferable).
Email Marketing- Premium Services
Everything included in the Starter Package for 30 hours Monthly. (Non-Transferable).
Business Evaluation
Part 1 of a 2-step platform (Business Evaluation Strategic Plan)- Business Evaluation provides a detailed evaluated report on your business threshold for those wanting to transform their Existing Business. Research & Evaluation (part 1 and 2) involves evaluation of what process & systems are working in their business plan, what is not working, and provide solutions and recommendations for adjustments, as well as list what is needed in your business to perform at optimal level.
Strategic Planning
Part 2 of 2 BESP (Business Evaluation Strategic Plan)- This part of the planning process is for new & existing business owners, that involves digging deep to formulate a custom strategic plan to start or replace your current business plan. If what you're doing now, is not yielding a return of your investment this Strategic Session is for you. We put your business evaluation to action to position you towards success. Startups- Creates a business evaluation of their business outline to ensure all aspects, objectives, systems, & process are aligned with their business's goals, purpose, and vision. Existing- Implementation of current process & systems, devising a total strategy to enhance the business's platform.
BESP- Business Evaluation Strategic Plan Bundle
The Bundle Package that transitions your ENTIRE BUSINESS (Save $95 on the Bundle) What you get: *Evaluation of what process & systems are working in your business, what needs to be archived, and workable solutions & recommendations of what authentically needs to be tweaked. *A workflow customized on automatically transforming your business to perform on autopilot & STILL generate income *An action plan to align objectives for products & services *Competitive Pricing Strategy *Templates curated for your Business Category *Implemented Solutions embedded into your company PLUS MUCH MORE!
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