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Cohesive Consulting, is a professional service that provides business development and strategic management for those aspiring to start a business as well as those who want to scale and grow their existing business. We are the ULTIMATE business resource & solution center providing front-end and back-end support such as; Coaching, CRM development, SOPs, training modules, staff training, and HR Services. We're here to service your business needs!
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Our Services

Virtual Consultation (Required to initiate services unless we meet in Atlanta)
Organizing & Automating your Business saves you time, money, and your sanity in your business. Did you know the more time you put into working in your business, the lessen your salary becomes. Time depreciates cost. If you're tired of restless nights due to long hours or in need of organization and structure in your business, schedule a Consultation today, so we can assist in creating you a customized roadmap in getting things done; cohesively.
In person Consultation (Request to Meet in Person instead of Virtual)
We understand some people are hands on & if that is you and you rather we meet in person then we can accommodate your request within 20 miles of Clayton County.
CRM Development
Development of a personalized customer relationships management hub consisting of: 1. Automated Lead Generators 2. On-boarding Sequences 3. Multi-Calendar Integrations 4. Applications Integration 5. Templates Creation 6. Setup of Key Performance Indicators 7. Zapier Integration 8. Customized workflow for up to 5 Workflows. Includes an analysis of current process & systems, with advisement of best solutions for given project and 3x 30 minute consultations.
Online Training Module
This package is for Business Owners who need a structuralized forum created to train their team on. Interactive online training created to give employees or independent contractors the guidelines of your business. The module can consist of videos, reading material, quizzes, and a final call after each section or completion of training (with someone appointed by the owner or the owner). Up to 5 sections and 20 videos.
SOP Creation
Creating you business handbook is important to run your day-to-day business. Having your "Standards of Operation" configured assists in improving morale in the workplace, creating business etiquette, and development of policy & procedures.
Customized Packages
Capability to create customizable package for automations and organization based on the client's needs. Schedule a Consultation so we can discuss and configure a package to serve you and your business.

Our Staff

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