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Athlete Strategy Session
Athlete strategy sessions are build for the endurance athlete to receive laser focused time on a particular problem or issue to problem solve. These types of sessions are meant to supplement what you are already doing versus replacing and are for any swimmers, cyclist, runners and triathletes (for example, if you are self-coaching or working with a coach). Jessica uses a combination of data, expertise and strategy. These sessions a provide a solution you have never been able to find before or a resolution to a problem you've never been able to solve.
Dynamic Bike Fitting - Initial (1 of 3)
The right fit provides comfort, efficiency and power to optimize your cycling experience. Often times, cyclists are unaware of how a poor fit can negatively impact performance and comfort. We are dedicated to improving performance and comfort, as well as providing solutions to current injuries and addressing injury prevention. This session is built to refit you on your current bike or fit for a new bike purchase.
Dynamic Bike Fitting - continuation of Initial (2 of 3)
This is a follow-up service that is a continuation of the initial bike fitting session. This session to occur within 3 months of initial appointment. No charge if completed within this time frame.
Dynamic Bike Fitting - continuation of Initial (3 of 3)
This is a follow-up service that is a continuation of the initial bike fitting session. This session to occur within 3 months of initial appointment. No charge if completed within this time frame.
Bike Fitting Services - post Initial fit (past 3 months of initial)
This session is for someone who has completed a Dynamic Bike Fitting in the past and it's been longer than 3 months from the initial fitting. This can be used for a check in or change in current fit. $100 per hour and time is prorated based on time that is completed for this session.
Dynamic Bike Fitting with Motion Analysis - Initial
Choosing Type-R motion analysis during your bike fit is the next level of analysis. The Type-R will show if there are imbalances in your pedal stroke and why they are occurring. For example you may be dealing with a lot of knee pain and low pack pain. An analysis of this movement pattern may show there are a lot of dead spots (decelerations of power and a lack of smoothness) in your pedal stroke on the lower quadrant of your left leg and a many on the upper quadrant of your right leg during the cycling motion. The outcome of this would be a change in your bike fit, change in crank arm length and corrective motions on and off the bike for improved performance.
Dynamic Bike Fitting with Motion Analysis - Follow-up (2 of 2)
This is a follow up session from your initial bike fitting with motion analysis. This session is included in your initial bike fitting fee.
Body Motion Retraining
This session is built to help you move better by providing effective and efficient solutions for muscuoloskeletal pain and injury. You will be provided simple solutions that return your body to its optimal performance level. Cost is $100 per hour.
Saddle Fitting - Initial
Not digging your current saddle? Make an appointment to try a new saddle. If you have not had a professional fitting with head fitter Jessica and she determines your fit is not ideal, it will be recommended to move forward with a full fit. Included in a full fit is a saddle fit/demo ($75 value). When a saddle has been chosen, receive 10% off your purchase.
Saddle Fitting - Follow-up
Choose this appointment if you are still trying saddles to find the perfect match
Shoe Fitting
Looking for some new sweet kicks? We have an awesome line-up for you. Come in to get sized for your new shoes first and then make the choice of color, make and style. We will help you along the way. We also install your cleats for free to your new shoes. No charge for a shoe fitting.
Type-R Motion Analysis - Initial Session
The Type-R motion analysis technology is a step up to dialing in your ideal bike fit or improving your training and racing. The analysis software will help determine your pedaling print and how to improve performance, efficiency and cycling motion. Quantitative data allows us to look at such things as your cycling dead spots in your pedal stroke, the best power and cadence combination and pelvic rotation and motion. This type of analysis is very helpful in dialing in or refining a riding position. The Type-R can show in real time what the impact of changing a position will do to power and cadence. It will provide feedback to signal a decrease in power production or a biomechanical change in position that could lead to injury (for example more aero is not always the best position for power, cadence, speed and injury prevention). Price varies based on needs for testing and analysis. Please contact Jessica at Rocket Bikes on specifics for your needs.
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