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Sustainable Legacy

Making a difference in your business culture affects you personally, your family and your community. Have you thought about making the changes necessary in your life to finish with measurable significance? Time management, as well as thought-provoking purpose, will be targeted during these meeting times. Cohesive decision-making in the next several years is vital for impactful follow-through.

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Life Approach Consulting

This package journeys through personality and confidence assessments integrating Emotional and Conversational Intelligence. The narratives you have assist you in discovering what is working in your life, what is missing and what drives you for a strategic outcome.

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Navigation Development

What people thrive on, what feedback should look like and how you can reduce threats, fear, conflicts and stress in your organization are the focus of these sessions. Using every resource you have in communication innovation will be useful transformational tools. Topics include Blind Spots, We-Centric Quadrants and Priming for Trust.

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Executive Coaching

One-on-one personal coaching experience with different time/expense options. Are you wanting success, significance or both? Invest in your leadership. If you are a visionary leader, executive coaching can make the difference in qualitative and quantitative ROI for performance, mergers or growth.

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Think Tank Creative

These sessions look at what you can envision for the impossible. Using thought leadership techniques, Ellen cultivates awareness through creative neuro-management leveraging the Prefrontal Cortex for the timely “ah-ha” moments that can change the trajectory of your life and business. Scientific Case Studies are included.

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Ellen Hite