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Our Services

Full Lash Set
A full Lash set is for first time customers or those that have lash extensions but haven't received a touch up within 4 weeks (28 days).
Lash Fill - 2 Week
This is for a classic lash fill that hasn't been longer than 2 weeks (14 days) of last lash fill. If it's over 14 days since you're last lash fill service please book a 3 week fill.
Lash Fill - 3 week
This is for a classic lash fill that is between 14-21 days, 3 weeks. If your last lash fill is over 21 days then please book a 4 week fill.
Volume full set
Multiple lashes are added to one natural lash for this set. It offers fullness and fluff to the lash line.
2 week volume fill
This is for hybrid and volume lashes - 2 week fill
3 week volume fill
This is for Hybrid and Volume 3 week fills.
Hybrid full set
Hybrid Lashes is a combination of classic single lashes with volume lashes. This gives depth to the lash line and more fullness.
Demi Lash Set
Patch Test for Lashes
This is for new customers requesting a Last set. It's a 15 min apt to add a few lashes to the lash line to determine allergy sensitivities. Must be booked 3 days in advance of the Full Lash set service. This fee will be removed from Full Lash Set Service after lash service has been completed.
Lash removal
Removal of lashes
Keratin Lash Lift With Tint
Keratin Lash Infusion will give your natural lashes a nice curl and the tint give lashes the look of mascara without having to pick up a wand. This infusion is voluminous as well as a healthy alternative for lash growth.
Keratin Lash Lift
Keratin Lash Infusion will give your natural lashes a nice curl and volume and is a healthy alternative for lash growth.
Lash Tint
Brow Tint
Combo Lash & Brow Tint
Brow Clean Up
This service is great for those that have a brow that frames the face. If you want extra time to discuss concerns then the Brow Shape would be the perfect fit.
Brow Shape
Extra time is given to make sure the shape of your brow accentuates your facial features.
Upper Lip Wax
Bikini Wax
Combo Brow & Upper Lip Wax
Skin consult
Discuss a treatment plan for the results you’d like to achieve for your home skin care.
Blackhead clearing facial
Clogged skin will get a deep clean. Blackheads with be softened and microcomedones will be melted to help prevent breakouts.
Dermal lift facial
Dermal Lift instantly gives radiance and tones the skin.
Inflammatory enzyme facial
This is for those that suffer hormonal breakouts or cystic acne. Helps bring down redness and inflammation.
Pumpkin whip facial
Designed for instant radiant skin. Pumpkin enzyme with keratozyme is used then a hydrating mask to top it off.
Redness relief facial
Immediate relief in reducing redness and sensitivity. The skin is refined and softened with a natural enzyme to gently remove excess skin cells. Chrysanthemum and rose mask seals in actives that leave your skin soft and hydrated.
Roccoco Back Facial
Getting ready for a big event? Or just wanting to show off your back? Give it the treatment it deserves and don't worry about letting your shoulders show. We'll work on any concerns you have about showing off your back.
Skin brightening facial
Skin will be smoother and softer. Skin will be even in tone and hydrated for a radiant look.

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