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Tax Guru, LLC is a tax solutions provider who specialize in accounting, payroll and tax services while providing professional tax consultation.
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9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Our Services

Tax Return Preparation for Individuals
This year’s approach has been enhanced with all clients such as yourself to maximize and personalize your tax experience with us. We would set up an online meeting and dedicate about 1 hour of our time with you to complete the tax return in a one step process. You would provide us with any missing tax related documents; we would then discuss, prepare, review and finalize the tax return within the time frame. Please set up your appointment online now! Once you have set up an appointment, kindly email all your tax documents to the tax professional. Thank you!
Tax Preparation for Businesses
Tax Preparation for Businesses
Tax Planning Consultation
First 30 minutes Free. If a full Tax Preparation service is rendered at the time of call full Tax Preparation fees apply.

Our Staff

Meena Shere
Meena Shere specializes in keeping the firm up to date on new pronouncements, as well as enhancing the skills of accountants at all levels.
Pandurang Shere
Pandu Shere is a tax expert for over 20 years and focuses in the areas of tax planning and business
Smita Shere
Smita Shere has over 10 years of experience in tax planning and business transactions. Areas of expertise include Multi-state tax compliance, Payroll and Tax Planning & Research