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Our Services

Test Ride
Reserve an appointment to test ride our fleet of cargo bikes. Whether you already have a specific bike in mind, or want to take every single bike in the shop out for a spin, we can help you out. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to give you their full attention, answer any questions, and help you get comfortable & acclimated on the bikes.
Rental Pick Up
Book your rental bike at
New Bike Pick Up
Helmet Fit
Cargo & Electric Bike Service Package
When you bring the bike in, we'll take 10-15 minutes to go over the bike with you, address any specific areas of concern, or questions you may have. All labor is included in the tune-up fee; if new parts are needed, you only pay for the cost of new parts. Turn-around time is typically 3-7 days. If you need a loaner bike while your bike is in the shop, there's a good chance* we can send you home with one of our rental bikes for a rental cost of $5. Tune-up includes: adjust brakes & shifting; safety check on all bolts; adjust bearing systems; touch true wheels; light drive train cleaning; lube chain & cables; air up tires; deep cleaning of frame, derailleur, wheels & brakes; firmware update of Bosch electric system, if applicable. *we can't absolutely guarantee, based on scheduling & rentals, but we'll do our best!
Bike Service: Drop Off
Bike Service: Pick Up
Come pick up your freshly tuned up cargo bike! We'll go over all repairs & adjustments performed and answer any questions you may have.
60 day/100 Mile Check Up
$85 value. Free for all bikes purchased at Four Star. We will go over the bike, making sure new components are settling in well, adjust shifting & braking as necessary, and answer any questions you may have.
Soft Goods Pick Up
Abus Ground Anchor & Install
Mobile Service Call

Our Staff

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