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Bee Organized is a full service lifestyle management boutique dedicated to bringing order and convenience to the fast-paced lives of today’s professionals. We take a personalized approach to help each individual client achieve and maintain balance. Because each client has a unique lifestyle, and unique goals, we help to create a unique road map that leads clients to their destination.
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Our Services

A consultation might be the best step in determining the right course of action for your specific needs.
Home Organization
Your home is a reflection of you. Bee Organized is dedicated to eliminating clutter and organizing homes. Our goal is to utilize years of experience to create an efficient system for maintaining organization to allow valuable time to be spent on the important things in life
Professional Organization
Bee Organized now offers professional organization services! Our trusted professionals are available to make your day to day operations easier and more efficient.
Interior Design
With a strong educational and creative background in interior design, combined with strategic partnerships with trusted contractors and vendors, Bee Organized is your source for design services and consultancy.
Holiday Assistant
Free up your time for family and friends and let us do the decorating, shopping, and wrapping. Best of all, we will pack it all up after the holiday!
Personal Assistant
Your personal assistant will aide in the organization and execution of the personal and professional affairs of today’s busy professionals. Our experts specialize in compartmentalizing and streamlining clients’ daily responsibilities, providing clients with peace of mind, and the luxury of time.
Specialty Services
Bee Organized can assist with a wide variety of specialized services from hoarding assistance to relocation management.

Our Staff

Tara Dodson