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Reu's Corner is not just pet grooming. We are a full-service pet spa. Mineral mud baths, CO2 rinse, and medicated shampoos are just some of the services we provide. Want to add a splash of color, we use Opawz temporary dies or perhaps a feather extension with your favorite team colors would suit you. You can learn more about us at
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Our Services

Hydro Massage Bath
Bath Only include nail clipping, hydro massage bath, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning. Short coated breeds only. Toy Breeds under 10lbs: $25. Small Breeds 11-20lbs: $30. Medium Breeds 21-40lbs $35. Med-Large Breeds 41-60lbs $40 Large Breeds 61-80lbs $45 Giant Breeds over 80lbs $50 & up
Bath and Tidy
Includes the hydro massage bath, nail clipping, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, blow dry, maintenance trim. This is for pre-scheduled monthly grooms and coated breeds. Toy Breeds under 10lbs: $35-$40 Small Breeds 11-20: $40-$45 Medium Breeds 21-40lbs $45-$55 Med-Large Breeds 41-60lbs $55-$65 Large Breeds 61-80lbs $65-$75 Giant Breed over 81lbs $75 and up
Breed Specific Stylized Groom
Includes all elements of the Bath and Tidy plus Full Stylized Haircut. These are estimates only; additional charges subject to temperament, coat and skin condition or complexity of style. Toy Breeds under 10lbs: $50 and up. Small Breeds 11-20: $55 and up. Medium Breeds 21-40lbs $60 and up. Med-Large Breeds 41-60lbs $65 and up. Large Breeds 61-80lbs $75 and up Giant Breeds over 80lbs $85 and up.
Handstrip Medium Terrier
All Basic Full Grooms include: nail clipping, bath, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, blow dry and haircut.
Handstrip Large Terrier
All Basic Full Grooms include: nail clipping, bath, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, blow dry and haircut.
VIP Package Pawdicure
Includes nail trim, file, pad balm and polish or nail caps
VIP Package Bling Is The Thing
A Blueberry Facial including a feather extension or rhinestone hair bow and coordinating necklace. Includes cologne of your choice.
VIP Package Dapper Dog
A Blueberry Facial with a feather extension, fancy bowtie or necktie and cologne of your choice.
VIP Package Puppy's First Groom
Diet appropriate treats are given during the groom to help your puppy love the experience. The package also includes a lock of hair and before and after picture.
VIP Package Smiles and Giggles
Teeth cleaning to reduce tartar and plaque; improving your pup's oral health. Includes a fresh breath dental spray to soothe sore gums.
VIP CO2 Spa Skin Treatment
This treatment increases blood flow to the skin, resulting in the rejuvenation of skin cells. This aids in the healing process of problematic skin as well as improve coat condition of healthy pets. Dogs love it, it's like a relaxing bubbly massage. Small dog $10 Medium $15 Large $20
VIP Mineral Mud Bath
This mineral mud bath will exfoliate the skin while providing deep conditioning to the coat. The result is a healthy coat with gloss and shine. Great for skin, but also great for rebuilding damaged coat. Small dog $10 Medium $15 Large $20
VIP Express Priority Service
First in and first out for those pets that don't handle the salon environment very well. Nervous, geriatric or young puppies benefit from this service.
Restorative Coat Care
Deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner. Includes leave in protein coat protector that not only moisturizes dry dull coat but also repels dirt.
De-Shedding Treatment
De-Shedding treatment consist of specialty shampoo and conditioner and the removal of undercoat or dead hair.
Brush Out Only
Pet must be matt free, additional de-matting fees will apply.
Billed in 15-minute increments. $60 an hour with one hour limit. Our salon values humanity over vanity. If the removal of mats is causing discomfort or pain to your pet we will shave them down or ask that you come to get them.
Nail Trim
Included with Basic Full Groom and Bath Only.
Nail File
Clipped nails can still have sharp edges. Our nail filing services grind nails down smooth.
Poodle Feet
shaved feet
Nail Polish
Your choice of: Aqua Mania, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Blue, Candy Pink Pearl, Coral Craze, Cranberry Crush, Electric Lime, Fresh Mint, Hot Pink, Lovely Lavender, Poppin Purple, Stargazer, True Red or Very Berry.
Nail Caps
Nail caps come in your choice of colors and are available for both cats and dogs. Cats can still retract claws, yet it protects your furniture.
Feather Extension
For a little pizazz, our feather extensions can last up to 3 months depending on your dog's activities. We can do team colors if we have them available.
A tearless blueberry facial wash that lightens tear and saliva stains; and brightens facial hair. Includes a relaxing facial massage.
Flea and Tick Treatment
Flea and Tick shampoo or Dip only for animals found with minimal parasites. Animals found with a heavy infestation at check-in, will not be permitted beyond the reception area. We recommend taking them to a vet for proper treatment.
Deep Ear Cleanse
Included with Basic Full Groom. Removal of ear hair if applicable, ear canal flush and gentle wipe of inner ear leather.
Anal Gland Expression
Included with Basic Full Groom.
teeth brushing
paw balm
Protect those precious paws from these hot Florida surfaces. Paw Balm conditions, protects, restores moisture and softens cracked paw pads and elbows.

Our Staff

Donna Antol
I have over 35 years experience grooming. It all began while working at a poodle salon as a bather during college. Even though that experience didn't lead me down an immediate path to a career in grooming; I never stopped. Grooming for various rescues has remained a passion while still working as an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist. I have a BS in Occupational Safety and Health, AAS in Emergency Management and I'm currently working on an MBA. Helping pet business owners by providing OSH and EM consultations is one of the values I offer our community. I hold the highly esteemed A.K.C. Safe Groomer Certification, PetTech Pet CPR with First Aid and many other grooming related certifications.