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SERVICE REQUEST Drop-off/Meet At Shop

If you would like to drop your bike off during Flex/Shop hours use this booking option. I will meet you at the shop for your drop-off at which point we can assess your bike and determine repair schedule(s).

Free · 10 minutes

Bicycle Dropoff/Meet up at Shop

5 minutes

Diagnosis Service

20.00 · 30 minutes

PIT STOP TUNE (aka Quickie Tune) on the spot

ON THE SPOT or DROP OFF REQUEST For PITSTOP TUNEUP If you just need a quick check and no need for a full bike cleaning, then this is for you You get the basic Tune-up stuff, like Gear Adjustments, Brake adjustments and safety check, but your wheels are trued on the bike, and the chain will get a quick wipe down and lube.

$45 · 30 minutes


Request to Drop off at Inception Cyclery (By Owner) to Que-up for a tune-up and inspection This Tune gets your bike running as close to new without any product replacements, it is a front to back clean and adjust of your entire bicycle. You get; safety checks and adjustments to ensure you are running safely and efficiently, plus a general clean of bicycle/chain/cassette and lube job. Parts not Included and regular installation charges will apply beyond functional installs such as brake pads/chain/mtb grips

$60 · 15 minutes

RACE/MINI OVERHAUL- Shop Drop Off Request

Time requested to Drop Off at Inception cyclery (by Owner) To Que-up and inspect for Service This is a full Tune-up Plus the removal and cleaning/Overhaul of: ​Headset, Cranks/Bottom Bracket and Cassette. This is a great service option mid season when you are busy racing or riding a lot. It cleans and maintains all the vital components without tearing the whole bike apart

$130 · 15 minutes


Time requested to Drop Off for Full Overhaul. Bike will Inspected prior to service and scheduled at a later date based upon parts required. Every component is removed, cleaned and reassembled with new grease/lube. ​Overhaul includes new cables/housing for the shifter and cable brakes, plus full cleans of the chain, cassette and derailleurs. If you have a Mountain bike and want the suspension pivots pulled and cleaned there is an extra charge.

$200 · 15 minutes

BRAKE Adjust (Single) - on the spot

I like to do Stoppies!

$10 · 15 minutes

GEAR ADJUST (Single) - on the spot

I hate when things don't shift right!

$10 · 10 minutes


Can't ride without air'd up hoops!

$10 · 15 minutes

TUBELESS TIRE INSTALL/SET-UP (single) - Drop Off request

This will account for the labour to install tape, valve, tire and sealant, parts are extra, Feel free to bring in your own parts as well. In the service comments please indicate what items you may require.

$16 · 5 minutes

WHEEL TRUE - on the spot

Lets get that wheel straight again

$15 · 10 minutes

Air...just need a quick top up!

Of course I can top up those air deprived tires for you (Carl?), extra tricept workout for the day!

Free · 5 minutes


Relay into your service notes what you are looking to have done - or just drop in with the bike!

Price Varies · 30 minutes

AQCO - Brandon McGuire