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It's our belief and philosophy that harmony & balance must exist in the physical, emotional & spiritual planes to facilitate each individuals' life journey. Our services & products work to bring harmony and balance into all aspects of our daily lives.
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Our Services

Shamanic Healing - 0.50 Hour
A Shamanic Healing Session is a unique method of bringing you back to a state of well-being. Working with a variety of elements and tools, the client's ethereal and emotional bodies are cleansed and restored to a state of balance. This has an immediate effect on the physical body as it brings a state of calmness and joyfulness. Clients feel lighter and at ease immediately after the session. A Shamanic Healing Session starts with prayers that allow Rodrigo to connect with the client's Higher-Self. It's at this moment that messages are received defining the characteristics of the session. Using his hands to guide energy as well as Shamanic Tools, Rodrigo will remove etheric toxins, emotional blockages and stagnate energy. At the same time flooding the client body with healing energy.
Shamanic Healing - 1 Hour
Shamanic Healing - 1.5 Hours
Shamanic Healing - 2 Hours
Intuitive Reading - 0.50 Hour
Intuitive readings are different for everyone. Each reading is unique and highly individual. Intuitive readings are different from psychic readings. Most intuitive readers do not predict the future, but rather read a person’s individual energy (a subtle distinction). The Intuitive Reader can then inform you on the choices, paths that are available to you and the outcome of each choice. This way you are always in control of the choices you make. In an Intuitive Reading you can ask about any topic or area of your life.
Intuitive Reading - 1 Hour
Intuitive Reading - 1.5 Hours
Intuitive Reading - 2 Hours
Integrative Massage - 0.50 Hour
Our Integrative Massage combines the principles of Massage Therapy and Energy Healing Work. It incorporates traditional massage techniques along with Shamanic Tools to restore your physical, emotional and light bodies to a state of well-being. Each session is based on the client’s physical and emotional state at the time of the session. This approach treats the whole person, addressing more than just the symptoms or disease. Because Integrative Massage addresses your unique physical and emotional state, the experience will be different and unique for each individual. Besides body manipulation Integrative Massage Therapy may include aromatherapy, sound healing and vibrational healing.
Integrative Massage - 1 Hour
Integrative Massage - 1.5 Hours
Integrative Massage - 2 Hours
Andean Shamanic Cleansing Ritual
This ancient ritual comes from a remote area of the Ecuadorian Andes. the ritual is practiced by the "Taiticus" (Shamans) in the mountains of South America to clean the energy fields as well as reset the emotional and ethereal bodies of its participants. Using principles of Sacred Geometry the Taiticu builds an altar (grid) made of crystals, stones and flowers. the energy emanating from the altar works to loosen the participants emotional and energy blockages. When the altar is completed, the Shaman performs an individual cleansing on all the participants using herbs, flowers and a Shamanic mixture used to reset the emotional and ethereal bodies.
Atlantean Crystal Healing
If you have an affinity with crystals and gemstones, then this healing modality is for you. Two Crystal Grids are built to work on your physical and energetic layers. You will be laying down for this healing. The first grid is built on your physical body. While the second grid is built around you. Both grids infuse your emotional body as well as your physical vessel with an abundance of healing energy. Please allow 1..5 hours for this healing session.
Earth Medicine Treatment
In the past when doctors & pharmacies weren’t readily available, we used one of the many natural medicines the Creator blessed us with including: • Mud placed in certain areas of the body to help remove internal fevers and inflammation. • Crystals, strategically placed around the body, to inject abundant energy the body uses in its healing process. Come and experience a mud & crystal treatment that detoxifies your body and soul. 2 hour session.
Cord Cutting (Detachment) Ceremony
If your heart has been broken, but you still feel drawn to the person that broke your heart. If you can’t let go or are in a toxic relationship that you don’t feel capable of ending, then you need to cut the cords (low vibrational connections) that hold you attached to that individual. Once the cords of emotional attachment have been cut, your body & soul will attain a state of freedom, peace & harmony
Shamanic Sound Healing
Treat yourself to a blissful sound therapy experience. You are literally bathed with energetic yet soothing sound waves from various instruments (gongs, drums, singing bowls, rattles, etc) that when combined with Rodrigo’s Shamanic Healing provides you with a once in a lifetime experience.
Soul Re-Integration
As we experience traumatic events in our lives, we leave behind pieces of our soul and lose our sense of being whole and well-being. Through Soul Re-Integration Rodrigo guides you to those traumatic experiences and with his unique technique flushes out the emotional components like pain, suffering and fears that are associated with the trauma. This allows you to recover and reintegrate the pieces of your soul so you can feel whole again
Myofascial Therapy - 0.50
Reiki - 0.5 Hour
Private Class
Myofascial Releae Therapy - 1.5 Hours (90 min)
956 Consultation

Our Staff

I've been a massage therapist since 2006 and was attuned as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2007. I have been studying Shamanic Arts since 2007. My goal is to create a safe nurturing space for healing.
Rodrigo Duque
Through healing sessions & ceremonies I help individuals attain emotional balance & harmony by releasing stagnant energy & emotional blockages. Shamanic Healer Intuitive Reader Crystal Grid Master Transformational Teacher Specializing In Shamanic Arts