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Soul sistering, Life coaching, wellness writing. Artist Statement, back story, contact at WonderSpirit.com; recent writings at AnneWondra.com
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Our Services

Starter Session
Details, prep material at http://www.wonderspirit.com/starter-sessions/ You'll have clarity and structure to take with you.
Soul Sistering / Spiritual Direction
Gentle soul sistering for your personal spiritual journey, offering guidance in a personalized, loving way. “She didn't guide me based upon some regurgitated spiritual coaching process or workbook.  She guided me through true Spirit with incredible compassion, intuition, and a pure and gentle knowing that to this day makes me feel safe and protected enough to continue my spiritual exploration and expansion. “ (Heather Blessington)  Single and multiple sessions - $90 / $129 / $169
L.I.F.E. Coaching
L.I.F.E -- Living Inspired and Fully Engaged -- soul sistering L.I.F.E coaching. Self-evolving Personal changes and next chapters, mind-body-spirit care, relationships; living-life care and re-storying. single and multiple sessions - $90 / $129 / $169
L.I.F.E. traveler membership appt. Members enjoy a monthly 30-minute session with their prepaid monthly membership. In person, this location, or by phone. Additional detail at: http://www.wonderspirit.com/memberships/
1 Hour appt
coach consulting creating project appt with Anne . Prepaid packages: 90/129/ 169 . Monthly Members: 40
2 Hour learning center study group
L.I.F.E -- Living Inspired and Fully Engaged -- learning lounge Class and materials, hosted at WonderSpirit / Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha. (Up to 5 students) http://www.wonderspirit.com/soul-school/
Blog & office tech share / instruction
Experienced in WordPress blog, website set-up, editing, content writing; also MS Office Word Excel PowerPoint, and social media. Offering co-creating teaching-learning experiences so you can comfortably add content to your own site when inspiration drops in.
Oracle Card Reading
For entertainment or inner calm; oracle cards are a spiritual tool; offering insight, confirmation, clarification...and conversation. When your spirit needs peace or insight, ask for a card reading. Readings by phone or in person. Uncanny messages; beautiful, positive, and full of light, spirit. Readings and insights around life and messages about what you wanted to know or need to know. A safe gentle space.
Editing / Formatting Project Starter Session
Moving your words and voice onward. Copy editing, proofreading, formatting project starting place.
Writing for well being
Well-being is a lot about emotions and hearts and relationships. Introducing, using resources of Julia Cameron, Elizabeth Gilbert, Abraham-Hicks, and blogging, to tap writing as a multi-purpose creating and life-scripting tool. Experience writing as a Spiritual Heart Healing and Happiness Practice.
Oracle Card Readings for Group / Event
Cards offer spiritual wisdom insight--archetypes, angels, divinely inspired messages and art.... for entertainment or inner calm. These are uplifting spiritual resources of light, grace, inspiration, comfort, and beautiful insight.

Our Staff

Anne Wondra
Anne Wondra, B.Sc. spiritual studies, has been a business human resource administrator, youth minister, travel partner, and book editor, who owns and founded WonderSpirit LLC. She loves beauty and books, is a cat mom, muse, vegetarian, and humane society volunteer.