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1 Hour of tattooing by Tim

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1 Hour of tattooing by Gio

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Tattoo completed here are guaranteed for free touch-ups to ensure the tattoo is how it was intended at completion.

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1 hour of tattooing by Lauren

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2 hours of tattooing by Lauren

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3 hours of tattooing by Lauren

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$480 · 4 hours

1 hour of tattooing by Ashleigh

Tattoo time with Ashleigh

$120 · 1 hour

2 hours of tattooing by Ashleigh

$240 · 2 hours

3 Hours of tattooing by Ashleigh

$360 · 3 hours

4 Hours of tattooing by Ashleigh

$480 · 4 hours

2 Hours of tattooing by Tim

$350 · 2 hours

3 hours of tattooing by Tim

$525 · 3 hours

4 hours of tattooing by Tim

$700 · 4 hours


Ashleigh MacIsaac

Ashleigh MacIsaac started tattooing in July of 2017, shortly after they graduated from Montserrat College of Art with a degree in illustration. A Gemini at heart and an ENFP personality, Ashleigh loves interacting with people and sharing stories, childhood, horror, or otherwise, with their clients. Ashleigh enjoys exploring a multitude of different styles and subject matter in their tattooing, including, but not limited to: color portraiture and realism, floral pieces, lettering, neotraditional style, and watercolor pieces. Their absolute favorite things to tattoo are cross stitch pieces, pop culture pieces, and really anything bright and colorful.


Gio Willett

Wassup! I'm Gio. SCAD graduate in Illustration and also have a Graphic Design degree. I'm the new apprentice here, and super down to try new styles as much as possible, but definitely love Traditional/ Neotraditional style tattoos(Creepier the better though). I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creating, and will do my best to give you a tattoo you'll be proud to show off. Super thankful to be a part of this shop fam. Let's make some tattoos!!!!


Lauren Pelzer

I’m Lauren, 21 years old and the baby here at Diamond Mind. Born and raised on the South Shore MA. I’m an INFP personality and your stereotypical Scorpio. Being artist my whole life, I knew tattooing was something I wanted to pursue since high school. I’ve been tattooing since June 2017 and it’s slowly become my lifestyle. Fine line black and grey, black work, traditional and neo-traditional are my favorite projects to tattoo but I’m always down to try something different. Free time is few and far between but when I do have a bit, I enjoy listening to music and going to shows, traveling, podcasts, cooking, documentaries and of course drawing and painting. Let’s chat about dogs, SVU, conspiracy theories, your childhood traumas and food.


Timothy Creed

Tim is an inspired and an AWARD winning artist. His favorite subject mattter to tattoo is skulls and flowers, better yet a skull made of flowers! He enjoys all styles of tattooing, such as: American traditional, Japanese traditional, Lettering, Vibrant color, Photo realism, Black & Gray, Portraits and everything in between. He also specializes in free-hand tattooing and large scale custom work. Tim strives for perfection in his tattooing and will work with any tattoo design you have in mind. Tim has been tattooing since 1995. He has worked all across the nation including: San Diego, LA, Portland, Seattle, St.Louis, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Fayetteville, Little Rock, Lafayette, New Orleans, Miami and Chicago. He has also worked overseas in Paris and London. Quality and detailed work is Tim's #1 priority.