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Please contact for new patient availability, (804) 203-2855. RVA Psychiatry and Wellness, LLC is dedicated to providing psychiatric care in an unrushed, client centered fashion. Medication management is just one part of the comprehensive approach used to help you achieve your unique mental health goals and live a meaningful life. Evidence based treatment approaches including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy are one of several ways to develop the skills needed to live a meaningful life. RVA Psychiatry works with clients in a variety of clients struggles including depression, anxiety, bipolar, and ADHD as well as intense emotional experience of borderline personality disorder. (Out of network with insurance, fees are due at time of service).
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Follow Up (30 Min)
Credit card processing fee $3 included
Follow Up (30 Min): TELEpsych
Credit card processing feel $3 included Link: https://doxy.me/rvapsychiatry
Follow Up (1 Hour): Therapy + Med Management
Credit Card Processing Fee $5

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Robert Young