Full CIrcle Wellness LLC

Helping individuals create a life that is free from pain and stress. With a variety of tools and techniqes FCW facilitates your body's natural healing capacity with therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Reiki classes, Aromatherapy, Nature Therapy, Retreats and Personal Support Sessions (life coaching). Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit for a more vibrant life!
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Our Services

Swedish Massage
Light pressure with slow strokes to induce relaxation and rejuvenate body, miind and soul.
Swedish Massage 30
This is a 30 minute session which uses light pressure and slower strokes for relaxation.
Therapeutic Massage
therapeutic mass
Therapeutic Massage 90
Deeper pressure with light stretching to release muscle tension and restrictions.
Therapeutic Massage 30
Therapeutic massage uses deeper pressure with light stretching to relieve muscular tension and pain.
Sinus Relief Massage
A 30 minute session to relieve sinus pressure whether due to change of seasons, allergies or a cold. Pressure points on the face, around sinuses along with warm and cold compresses minimizes pain and congestion.
Deep Tissue Massage
Similar to therapeutic massage. Emphasis is on lengthening, relaxing and releasing holding pain patterns of deeper muscles.
Deep Tissue 30
A 30 minute session focuses on areas of pain and tension using deeper pressure with assisted stretching.
Sports Massage
Prepares the body for optimal performance and post event recovery using compression and stretching. Also helpe people with injuries, chronic pain and restricted range of motion.
Sports 30
A 30 minute session focusing on muscles specific to sport or activity.
Active Assisted Streching
Gentle force applied by the therapist that increases flexibility, minimizes pain and enhances physical, athletic and daily movement abilities.
Active Assisted Stretching 30
A 30 minute session focusing on areas of greatest tension and restriction.
A Japanese technique of "laying on of hands" for healing and stress release. A safe, effective method that works to balance the subtle energies within the body; addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In this session you remain fully clothed.
Reiki 30
This 30 minute session enduces relaxation and helps reduce pain
Personal Support Session
What goes on in your internal world as thoughts, feelings, beliefs, judgements, all play out in the external world physically. The experiences you have are mostly a reflection of your internal world. Once you become more aware of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally, you gain greater power to direct your life, You no longer are the victim but become a conscious creator. Self - awareness brings you back into your power. When you move through life at a chaotic pace not paying attention to yourself and your inner world, it’s easy to become caught off guard with a challenging situation or event that throws you into an emotional response, usually unpleasant and downright painful. In this 1;1 session, in person, phone or skype you'll dig into the layers of beliefs and patterns that hold you back and block you from your best life. Together we'll uncover your dreams and desires and formulate action steps to help elevate your life to be more rewarding.
On Site Chair Massage
In your home or office, for yourself or your employees, chair massage is beneficial for reducing stress, tension and increases productivity. 10-15 mins per person.

Our Staff

Audrey Filardi