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Well Woman Exam

This is a complete preventive care exam (full physical including breast and pelvic exams). If you are uninsured, this visit covers the cost of the pap smear, if necessary; however it does not include price of blood work/labs or other tests. *Simple problems may be discussed, however if there are complex medical issues or concerns, a future problem visit will need to be scheduled for another time.

A card is used to hold your appointment. You will pay with either cash or card after your appointment. You will need to bring cash to enjoy the discount. $240 · 1 hour

Virtual Visit

Only for established patients, to receive and discuss results, discuss options for treatment, etc.

$40 · 15 minutes

Problem Visit

Evaluation of a few simple problems, or one problem that is more complex (examples: visit for birth control, infection check, irregular bleeding, etc.)

$160 · 40 minutes

Follow-up Visit

Simple and quick follow-up visit (to discuss lab results, the effect of treatment, adjust medication, answer any questions, fill out paperwork, etc.)

$80 · 15 minutes

Dr. Lewis