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Healthy Skin & Nail services are the focus of Blissful Escape Spa. Heather Cassmeyer is a licensed Esthetician & Nail Tech. She taught both skin & nails to budding professionals throughout the KC Metro Area for over ten years. She continues to teach and share her knowledge of Skin & Nail care with her clients. She is your partner in getting the healthiest skin & nails you can achieve. Heather is able to keep her prices reasonable for her clients as she works out of her home and has transformed the lower level of her home into a Spa Sanctuary which is licensed through the Kansas Board of Cosmetology. You can view pictures of Blissful Escape Spa at under Spa Experience Tour. You can also communicate with Heather via text or email at or visit for more information on Services or Prices.
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Our Services

Brazilian Maintenance Wax (less than 4 week since last brazilian at BES)
Has it been 4 weeks or less since your last brazilian from Blissful Escape Spa? This is the serivce for you.  Maintain your last brazilian by getting waxed every 3-4 weeks.  This will lead to less discomfort, less hair and slower hair growth. PLEASE NOTE: This service is only available to Current Blissful Escape Spa Clients and is offered as a loyalty benefit only to current clients. After your first Brazilian with Blissful Escape Spa this benefit will be available to you as well.
Brazilian Wax (more than 4 weeks since your last Brazilian)
Has it been 5 weeks or more since your last brazilian with BES or have you never had one before? This is the the service for you.  All the hair is removed or leave a little if you choose.  Please be sure to stop shaving at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
Bikini Wax
Remove hair along the bikini line and just a little bit more with as little discomfort as possible.  Please stop shaving 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
Modified Bikini Wax
Removes all the hair showing outside of your underwear or bathing suit.  Goes an inch inside your underwear line on the top and side but not touching the labia. Allowing for a narrow bikini to be worn.  Please stop shaving at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
Bikini Hair Trim
Why bother with trimming when it can be taken care of by a professional.
EyeBrow Wax
Not your typical eyebrow wax. It is not just a wax, but a wax to create the perfect frame for your eyes.
Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Cheek Wax
Neck Wax (Front)
Nose Wax
Face Wax
Includes Eyebrow, Lip, Cheek, Chin & Neck. Please stop shaving at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.
Underarm Wax
Lower Leg Wax with Knee
Upper Leg Wax
Full Leg Wax
Half Arm Wax
Full Arm Wax
Back of Hand Wax
Back Wax
Chest Wax
Abdomen Wax
Neck Line Wax
Buttocks Wax (Females)
Blissful Customized Facial
Customized for your individual skin needs. Facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial steam, extractions, massage and mask. Your skin will feel renewed and nourished, while you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
Express Facial (No Extractions)
Includes makeup removal, cleanser, toner, mask, moisturizer and facial, neck, shoulder and head massage.  Your skin will look and feel soft, smooth and radiant.  A great way to introduce young adults to proper skin care regimen.
Gentlemen's Facial
A facial customized especially for a gentlemen. Includes face and shoulder massage and beard softening.
Back Facial
This treatment is excellent for the hard to reach back area. Focuses on deep cleansing, purifying exfoliation, steam for hydration, removal of impurities, massage and a body-purifying mask.
Chemical Exfoliation
Must have scheduled a Customized Facial prior to Chemical Exfoliation and have purchased required home care products in order to receive this service.
LED Light Therapy Treatment
LED is used by dermatologist, estheticians & skin clinics around the world.  It delivers enough energy to stimulate the body to heal itself.  It is a holistic, non-invasive and FDA approved therapy.  It has been used in the treatment of many conditions such as chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, arthritis and other forms of inflammation. Beneficial when added to any skin care treatment or on it's own.
LED Add on to a Customized Facial or Advanced Skin Care Service
Removes "Peach Fuzz" and top layer of dead tissue. This not only helps your makeup & skincare products go on better and deeper but also helps fight aging skin. By removing the upper most dead layer of tissue you are helping to reduce fine lines & wrinkles by helping the cellular turnover time of your skin which slows down as you age. This is good for all skin types except clients with inflamed acne. This service includes cleansing of the skin, dermaplaning, moisturizer & sunscreen application. Service is best utilized when combined with a Blissful Customized Facial.
Dermaplaning Add On (Added to Blissful Customized Facial)
Dermaplaning added on to a Blissful Customized Facial Get the most benefit from this service & up the results of your facial by allowing the products to penetrate the skin deeper.
This includes a skin cleanse, the Microdermabrasion , a moisturizer and sunscreen application. This is not advisable for individuals with Acne, Sun Damage or Rosacea.
Diamond Facial
This includes a Blissful Customized Facial with a Microdermabrasion. This is not advisable for individuals with Acne, Severe Sun Damage or Rosacea,
MIcrodermabrasion Chemical Exfoliation Combo
Would you like to see faster results? Want a more aggressive treatment to fight fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tone, rough texture, clogged pores? This is the service for you. Not for clients with Acne, Severe Sun Damage or Rosacea. Must have required home care products to receive this service for your safety,
Micro Current Lift Facial
This includes a facial cleanse, customized Anti-Aging Serum infused with Micro Current Gel, Micro Current Treatment, Moisturizer and SPF application. Please see website for possible contraindications.
Microderabrasion - Micro Current Facial Lift Combo
Combining these two treatments allows the microcurrent to go deeper to give better overall results. Not advisable for individuals with Acne, Severe Sun Damage or Rosacea.
Ultimate Technology Facial
Achieve maximum results! Truly remarkable results are achieved when all three technologies come together to create the ultimate experience! By integrating cutting edge high tech procedures with advanced formulas your results are even more age-defying. This comprehensive Technology Facial includes: Microdermabrasion LED Microcurrent Facial Toning
Customized Facial, LED & Micro Current Lift Facial
Enjoy the benefits of a Customized Facial selected to fit your skin needs while receiving the benefits of the LED and Microcurrent.  Skin will look instantly refreshed, lifted and have a fresh glow! This is a treatment often done in Hollywood before a big performance or show.  Treat your skin like the Stars do!
Bamboo Body Treatment 60 Min
Let the stress of your day melt away as Warm Bamboo is used to ease the tension from your body as it helps deliver hydrating oils deeper into the skin. 
Bamboo Body Treatment 90 Min
Lumicell Treatment (1 Treatment)
45 minute session per body part. Please see website for package pricing for greater value and savings.
Lash Tinting
Are your lashes light colored or have light tips? This is the service for you.  Lashes are tinted a darker color so you can see them much better.  You will be amazed at the difference!
Brow Tinting
Are your brows light? Do you have to draw them in with a brow pencil to even see them? Brows will be darkened to the appropriate shade for  you.  Your brows frame your face and give you facial expressions! You will look fantabulous in pictures! Lasts approx. 4 weeks.
Express Manicure
Meet your needs of a rushed schedule.  Includes clipping, reshaping the nails, conditioning & pushing the cuticle, finished up with a polish. If you have had a Gel Polish Application please select Gel Soak Off with this service as extra time will be needed to remove Gel Polish.
Spa Manicure
Ultimate restorative treatment.  Includes clipping, reshaping of the nails, conditioning & pushing of the cuticles, a rejuvenating exfoliation followed by a moisturizing hand & arm massage, and perfectly polished nails. If you have had a Gel Polish Application please select Gel Soak Off with this service as extra time will be needed to remove Gel Polish.
Express Pedicure
When you can't afford the time of a Spa Pedicure this treatment will keep your feet in shape.  Feet are soakes, skin is gently exfoliated, nails are clipped, reshaped and polished. If you have had a Gel Polish Application please select Gel Soak Off with this service as extra time will be needed to remove Gel Polish.
Spa Pedicure
A luxurious foot treatment, with a deep exfoliation process followed by a rejuvenating foot masque & heel therapy to relieve dry cracked heels.  It is finished off with a relaxing foot & calf massage and perfectly polished nails. If you have had a Gel Polish Application please select Gel Soak Off with this service as extra time will be needed to remove Gel Polish.
Paraffin Treatment
Adds moisture to the skin as well as ease joint & arthritis pain.
File & Polished (Hands)
Soak & Polish Change (Feet)
Soak, Massage & Polish Change ( Feet)
Add Hot Stone Massage (Feet)
Add French Polish
Nail Art
Expectations sent prior to appointment can be sent via email or text to help prepare for appointment.  If you have a Pinterest Account this is a great way to communicate with me. You can find me on Pinterest under Heather Filbert-Cassmeyer. Happy Nail Art Hunting! 
Gel Polish Manicure
Includes Express Maincure & Gel Polish Application
Gel Polish Pedicure
Includes Express Pedicure & Gel Polish application.
Gel Soak off (Gels must be soaked off every 2-3 Weeks)
Includes Soak off & moisturizing hand massage if not re-applying gel polish.
Acrylic Nail Soak off
Add this to a Manicure for best appearance of nails.

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