Bonnie Huang Hall, MD PHD

FOR SAME DAYS: please CALL 510 624 9137 instead of using online booking.

**Accepting HSA, Cash, and Credit, and limited insurance plans. If you choose to use your insurance, please verify online that I am "in network". Please also include name of insured, Group ID #, Insurance ID #, in the notes when you book a new Adult/Pediatric visit. If you have other types of insurance, it can be used to pay for labs, x rays, imaging, specialists, etc . Prices listed are for those who choose not to use their insurance, or do not have insurance.**

If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911.
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Our Services

Initial Pain Assessment
Includes interview on where and how pain started. Then I thoroughly examine you to find the source of pain. Therapy may be provided during remaining time of visit.
New Adult/Pediatric Patient
Up to 55 min of time to get to know you and take care of your medical problems. For insured patients, please put in "notes" your legal name, Insurance ID #'s, and your date of birth. Please fill out new patient forms prior to visit.
Adult Return Visit
25 min visit. For those with multiple problems, follow up chronic diseases, or physicals,, or trigger massage therapy
Pediatric Return
Ages 2-17 for children with more complex or multiple problems or physicals.
Procedure Visit
Office visit with a procedure. Please indicate which procedure in "Appointment notes". Skin tags, abscess, lacerations, removal of benign lesions. PLEASE CALL first if you are taking aspirin.
15 min visit
Traditional 15 min visit with Dr. Hall to evaluate 1 new problem, acute illness, quick follow up on a recent problem, or follow up labs. For RETURN adult/ pediatric patients ONLY.

Our Staff

Bonnie Hall