SHINE Heather Elizabeth

Heather Elizabeth is an Evolutionary Leader that offers personal and planetary TRANSFORMATION through blending the ancient practices of shamanism and energy medicine with psychospiritual counseling to empower Seekers to BE their most authentic Self.
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Our Services

Activating Your Intentions
75-minute session blending intuitive counseling and energy medicine to support you in aligning with your intentions for 2018 and beyond.
Galactic Archetype Activation and Intuitive Reading
60 minute live virtual session activating you into your Galactic signature based upon your birthday in the 13 Moon Dreamspell map of synchronicity.
SHINE Activation for High Vibe SHINE Tribe Members
Activation into your next level of SHINING through utilizing intuitive guidance, energy medicine, and archetypal patterns that are aspects of your Soul's Blueprint. These sessions are available to High Vibe SHINE Tribe members only.
SACRED 13 ACTivation
After experiencing a Galactic Archetype ACTIvation, the SACRED 13 sessions CREATE a container to continue to CONNECT with your Hero/SHEro's journey through the 13 Moon Dreamspell. Each session is an intuitive energetic reading of the archetypes that are guiding you through your AWAKEning journey. The deeper meaning of your life's experiences past/present/future is explored to provide healing and TRANSFORMation.
ACTivating Your Intentions for Partners
Personalized 90 min session for people in a relationship who are SEEKing conflict resolution, a deepening of their connection, and a safe, sacred space to create conscious agreements that support their evolution as individuals and in their relationship.
Wizard Academy Consultation
Consultation to explore becoming an Initiate of the SHINE Wizard Academy.

Our Staff

Heather Elizabeth
Heather Elizabeth is dedicated to supporting fellow Seekers to navigate the changes that are occurring in our world from an empowered space. She is the Founder of SHINE, a movement that facilitates transformational experiences for humanity.