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Dr. Tina is the Virtual Voice of Wellness. Offering Virtual CONCIERGE Functional medical consults geared towards females. Dr. Tina's specialty lies in autoimmune disorders, gut dysfunction, and menopausal (perimenopausal) conditions.
Welcome to the world of personalized medicine accessible to you right from your phone or laptop.

You are booking a VIRTUAL Appointment. You will see Doctor via video platform.
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9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Our Services

Initial Evaluation
Comprehensive virtual consult discussing all of one's concerns, covering all organ systems, creation of an initial strategy to address immediate issues, creation of a long term plan for overall future wellness . 1st TIME PATIENTS ONLY. Consult is 90 min.
Maintenance Meet-up
Review of any blood testing, imaging studies, stool studies, etc. Discussion of symptoms. Discussion of updates since last visit. Review therapies and supplements. Create or update wellness strategy. ESTABLISHED PATIENTS ONLY.
360-degree Concierge Plan
This CONVENIENT VIRTUAL YEARLY service covers.... Introductory "Hello" virtual meeting - 3 formal consults/year max. Superbill for insurance provided. - One Comprehensive blood test (metabolics, cardio profiles, hormones, vitamin levels, and genetic markers). - One Comprehensive Stool microbiome test. - Additional testing provided only when indicated by doctor. - Direct email/text/calls with Doctor 24/7 - Refills, Medical letters, medical care coordination, etc ALL FROM YOUR LAPTOP OR PHONE Available for NEW or ESTABLISHED patients

Our Staff

Constantina Discepola