Slug Bug Lice Removal LLC

Slug Bug Lice Removal Salon Located in Central Minnesota.
Our Salon is Discreet, Safe, Natural & Non-Toxic.
We will also educate you on Lice & prevention at the time of your visit along with easy cleaning tips.
90 Day Lice Guarantee!
Book Online now or call us at
320-983-LICE (5423) to Schedule your appointment!
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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Our Services

Head Lice and Nit (egg) Removal
You are just a few clicks from being Lice Free. NOTE: This is a time slot held for a single person with a $70.00 Min Charge. ($50 min charge if under 2 inches) If you have multiple people that need a treatment or head checks please make an appointment for each person. REMEMBER we only bill you for the time it takes to make you LICE FREE!
Head Check for Lice and Nits (eggs)
This is for one head check for lice. If you have multiple people that need head lice checks please schedule each person their own appointment. This appointment does not guarantee a time slot for a treatment, but most same day appointments avaliable. Price $10- 20 per check
90 Day Guarantee Re-check Appointments
This time slot is for one re-check. if you have multiple people that need re-checks please schedule appointments for each person. If you have been treated at Slug Bug and had all your lice removed this is where you want to book your follow up appointments as part of your 90 Day Lice Guarantee! If you can not keep this appointment please reply. This appointment does not guarantee a time slot for a treatment. If we find evidence we will schedule a treatment Appointment.

Our Staff

C: Brandee
Brandee Kelash Hi, I'm Brandee and I am the owner of Slug Bug Lice Removal. Book an appointment with me or one of our trained technicians and we will have you lice and nit free fast!