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Andrea Hessig
· Graduated Utah College of Massage Therapy 2012 · GA License MT012313 · Modalities:Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point/Rehab, Deep Tissue, Sports, Russian Sports, Hydrotherapy/Kneipping, Swedish. · More than six years working on professional dancers, athletes, stunt performers, and members of the National Basketball Association. · As a former stunt performer and competitive martial artist, Andrea has found bodywork to be a crucial form of preventative healthcare, routine maintenance, and intermediate rehabilitation for injuries.
Britt Lowie
Graduated Georgia Massage School 2011 • GA License MT007595. • Massage Therapist for the Atlanta Braves 2011-2017. • Over 8 Years of Sports Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Related Massage. • Proficient in Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Active Release and PNF Stretching. • Excellent Referral Network of Top Orthopedic, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Professionals in the Field. • Extensive and Practical Knowledge of Muscular Anatomy and Kinetic Chains.
Greta Stanescu
● Graduated Georgia Massage School 2012 ● GA license #MT008918 ● Modalities: Ashiatsu Advanced Master Pro, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Thai Yoga, Advanced Myofascial Muscular Therapy, Cupping, Sports Massage, PTSD and Microcurrent Massage. ● Former Orthopedic Surgeon and ER Trauma Doctor in Bucharest Romania ● Member ABMP and Fascia Research Society ● Born in Romania, Greta Graduated Magna cum Laude the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova University. During her residence years in Orthopedics and trauma she was part of the official team to treat the sports injuries of the famous Romanian Olympic Gymnastics team. It was during those years when she started learning and practicing massage therapy as part of the complex rehabilitation programs dedicated in recovering the gold medalist athletes.
Jennifer Letourneau
• Graduated Georgia Massage School 2018 • GA License # MT012501 • Modalities Offered: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Post Isometric Relaxation, Assisted Stretching, Trigger Point Release, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Myofascial Release. • Soft Tissue Specialist I was introduced to massage by my dad as I was growing up. I learned the benefits early in life and have been giving the gift of touch since my teen years. I am complimented with each massage I give. Some recent compliments are: “You gave me back my golf swing!” “I can’t believe it. I feel 1 inch taller!” (85 year old woman) “My ankle was injured 15 years ago. I did not think anything would help it. I have not had ankle pain since you treated it!” “I forgot that I had debilitating shoulder pain yesterday. It is fine today!” My goal with each massage is to use my knowledge and experience to create a tailored treatment plan for your individual needs. I look forward to creating a customized massage for you.