The Prickly Pear Wax and Makeup Studio

Charlene Gartrell is a licensed Esthetician who helps her clients achieve beautiful skin, whether it's with waxing or makeup services.

Before starting The Prickly Pear, Charlene worked for 6 years as a wax specialist for European Wax Center, and 7 years as a freelance makeup artist.
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Our Services

Women’s Eyebrow Wax
Together we will find the perfect brow shape that best fits your personality and face shape! This includes a brow consultation, trim, wax, tweeze, and fill!
Men's Eyebrow Wax
The men's brow wax includes a trim and wax. Whether you're a guy who likes his brows more natural or super defined, this brow service is for you!
Women's Lip Wax
Bye Bye mustache!
Women's Cheek
Cheek wax
Women's Sideburn
Sideburn Wax
Women's Chin
Not by the hairs on my chiny, chin, chin!
Women's Full Face Wax
Say goodbye to that pesky peach fuzz and say hello to smooth skin! This wax service is a great form of exfoliation and will help your makeup lay so much better on the skin. Service includes: hair line (optional), eyebrows, upper and lower lip, sideburns, cheeks, nose, chin, and neck.
Men or Women's nose wax. This includes the outside (optional) and inside the nostrils.
Ear Wax
No one needs hair growing out of their ears! Lets take care of that.
Men or Women's neck wax. This can be the front or back of the neck.
Women's Bikini Line
This service includes removing all the hair that would sit outside of the bikini.
Women's Full Bikini
Are you a landing strip kinda gal? Or do you prefer it bare? This service includes removing as much or as little hair in the front but does not include the butt strip.
Women's Bikini Brazilian
With this service we will remove as much or as little hair in the front as desired, while also including the butt strip!
Women's Butt
Cheeks and crack, we get it all!
Women's Butt Strip
Crack kills. But butt crack hair doesn't have to.
Half Arm
Men or women's upper or lower arm wax.
Full Arm
Men or women's full arm wax. Includes hands and fingers.
Upper Leg
Men or women's upper leg wax.
Lower Leg
Men or women's lower leg wax. Includes feet and toes.
Full Leg
Men or women's full leg wax includes feet and toes.
Men or women's chest wax
Men or women's stomach wax
Stomach Strip
Bye bye, happy trail!
Back- Upper
Men or women's upper back wax.
Back- Middle
Are you hairy but only in certain spots? The middle back wax is for those who only have hair in certain spots.
Men or women's lower back wax
Full Back Wax
Men or women's full back wax
General Makeup Application with lashes- In Studio
Whether its prom or a work event, the general makeup application is guaranteed to make you feel picture ready!
General Makeup Application without lashes
Full face of makeup but does not include false lashes- In Studio
Bridal Makeup Package
Brides! You do not want to miss this package! It includes the consultation and trial run, false lashes, and travel up to 20 miles. **$65will be due at the time of the consultation/ run through and then deducted from the total cost on the day of the wedding.
Bridesmaid Makeup- With Lashes
Bridesmaid Makeup-Without Lashes
Gotta wax those pits!
Women’s inner thigh
Makeup Lesson
45 minutes of “how to”. During this time we go over any makeup questions you may have and practice one makeup look. This can be anything from full glam to a natural day time look.
Themed Makeup
Bridal Consultation
During the bridal consultation we will discuss the desired look and do a full trail run.
Lash Tint
Eyebrow Tinting
Color match
Hair: Styled
Bridal hair and makeup package
Bridal hair and makeup package includes false lashes for both the trial run and wedding day, the run through for both hair and makeup, and travel up to 15 miles.

Our Staff

Charlene Gartrell