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Recommended for all new clients looking for a color service, balayage, color correction, or big transformations. Always free! I'm happy to meet with you!

Free · 15 minutes

Formal Updo

Come in with clean & dry hair, if you have a picture for what you are looking for, even better! Perfect for formals, proms, company parties, weddings, or any special occasion! Please schedule a shampoo-blowdry in addition to this service if you are looking for that as well.

$99 · 1 hour

Bang Trim

Face fringe re-shaping is art. We know this. Rebook every 3 weeks to keep on fleek.

$13 · 15 minutes

Barber Cut

Scissors &/or Clippers, Shampoo & Style. Applies to both genders. These are for hairstyles that are above the ear. If you're making a dramatic change from long to very short, please book a Consultation appointment with this service.

$39 · 30 minutes

Beard Trim

If you're new, please book this along with a free consultation so we have time to discuss your goals. For maintenance or reshaping of facial hair.

$13 · 15 minutes

Cheeky Cut

Cheek length hairstyle that requires minimum blow-drying. This applies to any gender. If you are making a dramatic change from long (past shoulders) to short hair (above shoulders), book a Women's Cut.

$45 · 30 minutes

Women's Cut

For average lengths beyond shoulders, includes shampoo and blow-dry. Additional charges may apply based on hair length, thickness, and detail of the cut required.

$60 · 1 hour

Short Shampoo Blowdry

Hair to shoulders and shorter.

$30 · 30 minutes

Long Shampoo Blowdry

Hair longer than shoulders. Addition prices may be applied based on length and density of the hair.

$41 · 35 minutes

Extra Long Shampoo Blowdry

Wash and blowdry style, hair that is longer than shoulder blades aka "bra length", would be considered "extra long".

$54 · 45 minutes

Dry Styling - Curls

Done on dry hair. Any desired look using any hot tool. This can be added to a blow-dry service as well.

$17 · 15 minutes

Dry Style - Straighten

Straighten or flat iron waves on dry hair.

$17 · 15 minutes

Roots & Toner +Olaplex

Roots lifted or covered. Formula includes Olaplex #1 Express Toner/Gloss to deliver custom color includes Olaplex #1. Scalp massage Olaplex Treament #2 for 10 minutes. Does not include haircut or blowdry. Price does not include additional batches of color if needed. Please review policy on our website.

$132 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Permanent color or bleach application to regrowth no longer than 2 inches, as one process(1P). If your regrowth is longer than 2 Inches book All Over Color service. Does not include a blow dry style. Please book any additional services you would like to receive.

$55 · 45 minutes

All Over Color

This includes a single process color deposit with permanent, demi-permanent, or semi-permanent color on dry hair. For strength building ask about Olaplex If you're looking to cover grays from root to end, go darker from root to end, or have a long lasting toner for 6+ weeks, this is is what you're looking for. If you're looking to go lighter, or just aren't sure if this is the right service for you, call before booking or book a consultation.

$88 · 1 hour 15 minutes


Create a blended/dramatic color transition using at least 3 tones beginning to end. Can add color or lighten hair in this service. If you are unsure this is what you're looking for, please book a consultation. Service does not include blowdry or haircut. Please review Policy on our website before booking.

$180 · 2 hours

Express Toner

Conditioning color gloss applied to damp hair to create a custom formulated color result. For strength building ask about Olaplex Service does not include blowdry style.

$49 · 30 minutes

Eyebrow Tint

Darken brows to your desired shade to achieve a bolder brow look. Book with a Eyebrow Wax to get the best result.

$22 · 30 minutes

Partial Highlight

Single color or bleach in foils through mo-hawk section and above ears. Any additional colors or batches of color needed will be an up-charge. This service does not include a blow-dry, please add additional services you would like to recieve.

$99 · 1 hour 20 minutes

Full Highlight

Foiling root to end with the classic woven technique to create natural dimension. May lighten or darken existing color. Does not include toner or blowdry.

$126 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Face Frame Balayage

Create a sun-kissed dimensional look with a free-handed lightening service to the face-framing hair. Does not include toner or blowdry.

$72 · 30 minutes

Partial Balayage

Sun-kissed specialty blonding service. Excellent way to have a natural looking grow-out. Toner service is recommended with this service to control blonde from looking 'yellow' or 'brassy'. Blowdry is not included with this service. Please review website policy about forfeiting blowdry.

$120 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Balayage Ombre

Free-style blonding to create a organic transition from your natural base to blonde ends. Also known as a Full Balayage. Service does not include toner or blowdry. Book if desired. If you're a new client, please book a free Consultation and review our Policy on our website.

$240 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Color Correction

Must have Consultation prior OR book a Consultation with this appointment. Appointment is for 3 hours. Will not include consultation, haircut, or styling. Priced at $100 per hour. Cancelation fee of $150 will apply if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment. Booking will require credit card information.

$300 $330 · 3 hours

Eyebrow Wax

This price applies to maintenance only. Full reshaping of the brow will recieve a $5 upcharge.

$17 · 15 minutes

Chin Wax

$11 · 10 minutes

Lip Wax

$6 · 10 minutes

Full Face Wax

Brows, Lip, Chin, Cheeks if needed

$35 · 25 minutes

Extension Consultation

Please arrive with your hair clean, dry, and with the color and style you desire your extensions to be matched with. We will discuss application methods that best suit your lifestyle and expectations. If you chose to move forward with receiving extensions, hair deposit will need to be made at the end of the consult. Cost of consultation will be applied to cost of hair as credit. Client must then book installation day within 10 business days. Please review cancellation policies at our website

$45 · 45 minutes

Extension Clip-In Installation

Hair must be clean and dry. This service provides me the opportunity to show you how to properly install, style, and maintain your extensions. You'll learn how to install them, hide them, and take care of them to keep them luxurious for as long as possible. If you would like to curl the hair in addition to this service, please book Dry- Style Curls.

$30 · 30 minutes

Extension Tape-In Re-Installation (Full Head)

Hair must be clean and dry. For the tape-in client adding volume and length. Custom blending and haircut included with this service.

$220 · 2 hours 30 minutes


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