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Mr. Bray Studios is a marketing agency, specializing in print to web to film! We're a group of passionate animators, designers, filmmakers and writers that want to help you drop anchor on your next big idea and into the hearts of your audience! Contact us today: Your Story Is Where Our Adventure Begins!
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Our Services

Strategic Marketing Consultation
Wanna know if you're ready to pull the trigger on your product or idea? Schedule a 45-50mins "Strategic Marketing Consultation" with Mr. Bray himself - includes getting to know your brand, story, idea etc... afterward within 2-3 business day we'll put together a detailed analysis & proposal for your project. While the cost of the consultation is only $300 if we all agree that we're a good fit and you're ready to start the project the cost of the consultation gets credited towards your project.
Public Speaking - Remote
Would you like to book a remote speaking engagement with Mr. Bray - inspire your company, conference or club?
Public Speaking - in person
Would you like to have Mr. Bray give a presentation at your event, place of work or for your organization?

Our Staff

Jesse Bray