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Rodent Building Inspection/service call $99

This inspection checks all the standard entry points rodents use to access your home or office building. We will also check crawlspaces and attics for rodent damage to insulation, vapor barriers, and ductwork. This is all the information you need to do it yourself if you'd like to try. (The fee for this inspection will be waived if you sign up for the RIP program ($399) at the time of inspection.

$99 · 1 hour

RIP Program checkup!

Great! You're already on the RIP program and ready for a 2 week or quarterly checkup.

Free · 1 hour

The RIP program 90 day (3 visits) $399

The RIP (Rodent Infestation Prevention) program is a 3 visits trapping program to remove any current rodent infestation. Repairs listed at inspection are required.

$399 · 1 hour

The RIP+ program 1 year $799

This is the same as the 90 day RIP program but also includes quarterly checkups for a year. Great for homes that get occasional rodent problems throughout the year!

$799 · 1 hour

Dead Rodent Locate & Removal

We come out to locate and remove that horrible odor. If we can't access the rodent there is no charge.

$299 · 1 hour

Crawlspace Restoration

You had an inspection. Time to get the work done! Office will contact you! Invoice due 24 hours before work begins for supply delivery and work crew reservation. Crews start between 9AM-9:30AM.

Price Varies · 1 hour