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Adult haircut

Adults 16-64

$38 · 15 minutes

Senior Haircut

Seniors 65 and up

$33 · 15 minutes

Child Haircut

Up to age 15

$33 · 15 minutes

Haircut & Beard Trim

$46 · 30 minutes

Beard Trim

$18 · 15 minutes

Senior Haircut & Beard Trim

$41 · 30 minutes

Ashton Kramer

Ashton is Dicks first grandson in the barber shop! He is a nice guy and easy to talk to. He is passionate about barbering and likes to do fades, crew cuts, comb overs, and any hairstyle a client asks for.

2. Gene

Gene has been cutting hair for over 45 years and 35 of them have been here at Dick's! He's great at tapers, longer hair trims, business cuts, crew cuts and flat-tops.

3. Jeremy

Jeremy is one of Dicks Son's and has been cutting hair at Dicks Sports Barbers for 26 years. Family, Mountain biking, Fishing, Pro sports,Automotive work are all passions of his. specializes in fades taper haircuts!

4. Spencer

Another one of Dick's sons. Spencer has been cutting at the shop for 22 years

5. Brandon

Brandon has been cutting hair for over 17 years. He is great at tapers, business cuts, crew cuts, flat tops and kids cuts.

6. Long

Long has been behind the barber chair for over 17 years. He is awesome at crew cuts, business cuts, kids cuts, tapers, and a nice fade.

7. Gary

Gary has been cutting hair for over 35 years. He is very skilled at long cuts. He's also great at business cuts, kids cuts, and crew cuts.

8. Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been here since 2016 and is good at tapers, crew cuts, pompadours, fades, business and kid cuts. He is also skilled at straight razor shaves.