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Scott Clawson is the owner of Atlanta's Fireplace Guy. He has been in the fireplace business for 10+ years. Scott is NFI certified, which is a national certification in gas burning fireplaces. With years of experience Scott is able to troubleshoot and fix any issues with your fireplace.
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Our Services

Vented gas log Service
Remove and clean logs, burner and pilot if necessary. Also checking burner and system for safe operation. Replacement parts will be quoted on site.
Vent Free gas log Service
Remove and clean logs. Check burner for warping and/or poor combustion. Also cleaning pilot assembly ODS making sure its operating as it should. Checking CO levels that system making sure the levels are safe for use. Replacement parts will by quoted as needed.
Direct Vent gas fireplace Service
Remove and clean glass. Remove logs and burner. Check burner for warping and signs of flaws. Cleaning and checking pilot assembly. Also checking glass seal making sure it's sealed and combustion is correct. Check valve and switch operation.
Gas Fireplace Service
Cleaning all parts and checking for safe operation
Gas log installation
Installation of gas logs purchased from showroom. Installation doesn't include any gas work outside the fireplace.
Installation of gas logs purchsed online, or any other Big Box Store
Installation of gas logs. Systems typically don't come with all the parts needed to connect. Which is the reason for the added installation cost.
Gas line installation site review
Gas line installation pricing is given after site is seen. $125.00 service fee is charged and removed from total cost of job when approved.
Fireplace installation site review
Proposals are given only after site is seen. $125.00 service fee is charged and subracted from proposed amount once work is approved.
Gas Light Installation/ No gas line
Gas grill cleaning and service 4+ burners
Cleaning and servicing grills with 4 or more burners. Includes troubleshooting any concerns of the grill and offering solutions.
Gas Grill Cleaning and Service of 1-3 burners
Cleaning and servicing a 1-3 burner grill. Troubleshooting any concerns and offering solutions.
Wood Burning Stove Service
Not including parts
Gas Light Service
Cleaning and servicing of gas light. Troubleshoot any issue. Offer options for repair at an additional cost
Garage Door Service
12 Point Safety Inspection- inspect all parts for wear, check for safety concerns and operational concerns. Review operation with customer.

Our Staff

Scott Clawson