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Moore Statistics Consulting is a statistics tutoring company for graduate students who want to pass their classes and meet their requirements for graduation.
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Our Services

Quick Chat: 1 hour Session
1 hour Tutoring Session . Can only be used for the first meeting.
Statistics Package #1: One Session (2 Hours)
One session (2 hours) for statistical tutoring. This package is typically used for one-time quick homework help. You can purchase this package 3 times maximum. All Sales are final.
Statistics Package #2: One Month of Statistical Tutoring
Meet with a tutor for two hours a week. Usually for homework help. So if you are in a 8 to 10 week class and you feel like you are teaching yourself- this package for you.
Statistics Package #3: One Month of Dissertation Help
Do you have data in some form (spreadsheet)? Do you need help with the analysis of a manuscript or dissertation? This package is for you. Four sessions (two hours each) with meetings and a certain number of revisions included in the package. Please book your initial appointment and schedule the others with the statistics tutor. Typically used for doctoral students
Statistics Package #4: PICOT, Dissertation Proposal or IRB Review Preparation
Are you struggling to write the proposed plan for your statistics project? Do you have a dissertation proposal to submit for approval? Are you working on an IRB application and you need statistics to help with the wording? Or a sample size calculation? This service is for you. (fixed price)
Statistical Package #6: 10 Weeks of Statistical Tutoring
Are you in a 10 week course? This is package is for you. Meetings 2 hours a week. Including preparation for the final exam.
Class #1: Statistical Modeling Bootcamp with the Moorestat App
Would you like to learn the basic fundamentals of statistical modeling using an App. Includes Access to the App of your choice (Moorestat or MoorestatApp Pro) and three 40 minute sessions with a live tutor. Sessions will be scheduled around your schedule. Schedule for your first session here.
Class #2: Fall/Winter Boot Camp: Survival Skills in SPSS
One-On-one Training Topics: Training in Statistical Modeling Basics Variable Types Data Manipulation in SPSS Includes Text Book and free access to statistics App
Translation (One Page document up to 500 words)
Do you have a one-paged document (of appx. 500 words, 12-font, single-spaced) that needs translation from Spanish, French, or Japanese to English? English to Spanish, French, or Japanese? This service is for you. Please email your document to the translator, Raven, upon sign-up. A preliminary zoom meeting or phone call may take up to 20 minutes to discuss the project. Her email is $85.99
Translation Package #1 :5000 words
This package is for 5000-word projects. Please contact the consultant upon sign-up at email: Deliverable dates will be given via email or phone. A preliminary zoom meeting or phone call may take up to 20 minutes to discuss the project.
Translation Package #3: (80 to 100 pages)
This is for projects that have 80 to 100 pages. If you struggle with writing, this package is for you. A preliminary zoom meeting or phone call may take up to 20 minutes to discuss the project. Please email the document to the consultant for deliverable time information period Email:

Our Staff

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