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Beard Trim

Your beard is important, and that’s why we take our sweet time, making sure to achieve the perfect shape. If you desire, we’ll also finish with a straight-razor around the edges for that crisp look.

$25 · 25 minutes

Straight-Razor Shave

Take a trip back in time with our old-school, Straight-Razor Shave. This service includes steam towels, lather, and a slap of aftershave.

$35 · 35 minutes


The name of the game service! We take pride in delivering exactly the haircut you want, to the very best of our ability!

$35 · 45 minutes

Bernard Brown (Accepts Cash + Card)

Bernard comes to work each day inspired to take his craft to the next level, and loves the fact that he can build community while keeping Vancouver looking fresh.

Chaz (Accepts Cash+Card)

Chaz adds a fresh vibe to the shop. Clean work, combined with his genuine love for life will make your experience with him, one to remember! book Chaz!

Cory (Accepts Cash Only)

No doubt, Cory will dazzle you with his amazing clipper skills while imparting his infectiously good attitude into your day. Get cut by Cory and see why we give him the coveted stamp of approval.

Justin Jacobus

Justin is a skilled barber with 15 years cutting experience! he decided to make if official and get his professional barbers license and now he is ready to make his mark servicing his community!

Noah (Accepts Cash Only)

Noah cuts hair like he leads his life; honestly, straight-forward, and with a whole lot of style. Get cut by the man himself and behold the difference.

Ryan (Accepts Cash + Card)

A consummate pro, Ryan takes the craft of barbering very seriously. This doesn't mean he's all business though; his chill demeanor and taste for style will put you at ease.