Janna Hockenjos

I truly, deeply want to share what has worked for me, and what continues to work for me, with you. It's that simple. Let's share what makes us feel happy, loved, and alive. And let's do it together, because I've found there is nothing quite like a good community to encourage authenticity and accountability. There will be days when you are too tired, not into it, or over it, and those are the days when you can lean on someone other than you. We might be here to blaze trails and heal hearts and make waves, but we don't have to do it alone. I hope you'll join me.
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Our Services

Writing Coaching Single Session
In this hour-long coaching session we will explore a bit about the message you are eager to share with the world. There is a story in all of us, and it's just a matter of exploring how exactly we are going to tell it for those of you that want to. You may know exactly what you want to say, but have no idea how to begin. Or maybe you know how to begin, but are having a tricky time determining what to say. Let's begin to untangle what's blocking you.
Writing Coaching Program
Do you have a book, it's just burning inside of you. Like, you're the only one who cares, but you can't seem to get a move on? Well, in 6 months we will bring those words to life. You may not have full MS (manuscript), then again you just might. You will have a plan. You will understand your writing habits, your style, and your writing blocks. If you believe it, we will make it come true. We can build a book together - from your first sentence to your book proposal. Payment options through Square or Venmo ($500).
Commonplace Chat
Not a coaching call, not a casual get-together, but a coffee meeting at Commonplace (or your favorite place) where you and I take an hour to talk about what you want out of life. We can strategize your career plan or big launch. You can pick my brain on things small business, yoga, coaching, or book writing. Or we can talk about you getting in shape, finding your favorite person, or quitting the crap that holds you back. Really, this chat can be about anything you think I can help you make happen. 
Chakra Reflection
In this 90-minute session, I will ask you questions that touch upon different aspects of your life. Some may be obvious to you, others not so much. But the answers will illuminate a map of your energy flow. There will be shadow and there will be light. In the week following our call, I will take some time to put together a very detailed and personalized Chakra Reflection for you, which will give you insight into your strengths and weakness, your wants and needs, and what you can do or change to live a life you love.
Figuring Things Out
Use this booking service if you would like to get more information on writing coaching, editing services, or working with chakras. Sometimes it's not that easy to know where to begin and a conversation can help.

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