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New Patient Consultation (2 visits required)

Medical card evaluation for new patient in Florida. Please note you will need to have two encounters with at least one in person with the doctor: (1) For initial evaluation and application for card (approval takes 2-4 weeks.) (2) For followup evaluation, treatment plan, and prescription for medication.

$125 · 10 minutes

Prescription Expiration/Renewal

If your prescription expired and you need to renew. It's best to set up your next 210 day prescription before it expires.

$155 · 5 minutes

Transfer from Another Doctor

Special for renewing patients from another doctor. Just provide your information. We try to make things as simple and easy as possible.

$120 · 5 minutes

Add Flower

Includes evaluation, processing and prescription of flower in Florida. Call for more details.

5 minutes

Emotional Support Animal Evaluation

For a decade, Dr. Darcy has been prescribing patients with Emotional Support Animals for housing and travel accomodations including airlines.

$200 · 30 minutes

Sean Darcy