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We solve the problems of solopreneurs when it comes to invisibility. Not becoming top of mind creates inconsistent lead flow, which in turn keeps revenues from you.
By becoming "magnetic" your ideal audience will resonate with your every word and gladly pay premium fees upon your asking.
Through intensive Iconic Status building using direct response marketing (Magnetic Marketing) as well as personal brand development, you can be a market of one. You can literally elminate your "competition."
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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Our Services

50-MInute Quiz Consultation
This appointment block is specifically geared toward quiz respondents who are interested in a free consultation.
No Charge Advisory Svc
This is a free appointment to cover whatever might be the issue.
One-On-One 90 Minute Zoom for Marketing Plan Work
Course Q & A Weekly Call
This is for students of the Magnetic Marketing & Influence Building Course only.
90-Minute Coaching Session
This is for Clients who have recurring appointments and is not available to prospective clients.
Group Coaching
This service is for pre-existing clients that have recurring group coaching appointments. These may be course sessions, review and analysis discussions, or marketing strategy sessions.
Magnetic Marketing & Influencer Info Session
Have questions? feel free to book a call for a deep dive into the course offerings.

Our Staff

David J Dunworth