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Makeup Artist and licensed Cosmetologist providing services for individuals, productions and agencies. My services include, hair, makeup, special effects, wardrobe styling and art department.
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Our Services

Commercial Day Rate
This is day rate for commercial production services in video/photography. Additional charges could be incurred if travel or specialty products/services are requested.
Half Day Commercial Rate
This is a half day (4 hours or less)rate for commercial production services in video/photography. Additional charges could be incurred if travel or specialty products/services are requested.
Hourly Rate for Commercial Services
This is an hourly rate for commercial production services in video/photography. Additional charges could be incurred if travel or specialty products/services are requested.
Film Production Rates
Film Production rates are provided on request and can be negotiated by length of the production, services requested and requests for special effects. The artist requests you give her First Right to Refusal and submit all offers. She has a team of artists she works well with and can provide a wide variety of services such as makeup, hairstyling, wardrobe styling, special effects, art department and production design.
New Talent Portfolio Building
This is a service provided to photographers doing portfolio sessions with actors/actresses looking to start their portfolios. You will be asked to come with a clean face, clean dry hair and your wardrobe clean and ironed. Your first look will be $65 and each additional look will be $45. Please book this as an hourly service and pricing will be adjusted. Depending on shooting location travel could be incurred.
Fashion Shoots
Fashion shoots are a studio service provide by Andrea to clients in the fashion industry. Pricing for this service will be determined by the look requested and type of service requested, along with the amount of time the artist is needed. Additional fees will be added for specialty products, travel, etc. Please contact the artist for assistance on booking this appointment.
Senior Photo Shoot
This is an on location hair and makeup session for a high school senior's photo session. Your artist will help you choose the right hair and makeup for your fun shoot that will provide photos to last a lifetime. Why hire an artist for your shoot you ask? Most teens don't have the quality products at their disposal to provide lasting looks for HD cameras being used to take photos. Your artist understands how these cameras, lighting and products work to get the best looking photos possible. She will know how to cover blemishes, camouflage unwanted areas and accentuate you best features.
Women's Cut
This cutting service is provided for any lady over the age of 14. It includes a shampoo, conditioner, cut and styling. The styling portion of the service includes blowdrying and thermal styling with a flat iron or curling iron. Some cutting may be done on dry hair for special effects.
Woman's Cut w/Color Service
This service is only available when booked with a color service and must take place on the same date and time as the color service. It can not be booked at a later time.
Men's Cut
This service is for gentlemen over the age of 14, it includes basic clipper and scissor cutting on above the shoulder length hair. Upon request, styling and blowdrying will be provided at an additional charge.
Men's Cut
This is a service for gentlemen over the age of 14 with above shoulder length hair. This service does not include styling or a shampoo service and these can be added at an additional cost.
Young Ladies Cut (Age 9-13)
This is a haircutting service that includes a shampoo, conditioner and style for young ladies between the ages of 9 and 13 years of age. The styling portion of this service will includes blowdrying and possibly the use of a curling iron or straightener. Some cutting may be done on dry hair to provide special effects to the hair.
Young Mens Cut (9-13)
This is a young gentleman's cut for ages 9-13. It for above the shoulders length hair and is provided on a clean dry head of hair. No styling or shampooing is provided with the basic cut.
Cutting-Children Under 8
This is a hair cutting service for children under the age of 8 years of age.
Shampoo & Style
This service is provided for a client who would like to come in and get a simple shampoo, conditioner and style done in hair down fashion. It will not include any fancy curling, no updos, half updos, braiding or styling in that matter. It is mean for the client who is in a hurry, isn't good styling their own hair or has been injured and can't shampoo and style on their own. If you have any other styling needs, please see the other appointments.
Braided Styles (In Salon)
Braiding styles are provided in salon for many braiding styles. They can be or wet or dry hair. Styles include: French, German, Fishbone and many more. They are scheduled on a half hourly basis so please schedule a longer length of time if you have thicker hair or think you will need longer for your appointment.
Formal Styling (In Salon)
Formal Styling is meant for individuals looking for styling services for formal events such as proms, gala's and other events. It is not pricing for bridal or wedding services. This service does not include a trial of your service or a consultation. If you would like specialty pieces added to your hair, please bring those with you to your appointment. They include flowers, combs, barrettes or any other showy piece. Please show up to your appointment with clean, completely dry hair and don't forget to wear a button up shirt so you can easily change clothes.
Custom Hair Extension Build
A custom hair extension build is provided as a service for clients who want to thicken, lengthen or add temporary effects to their natural hair. Extensions will be custom made to fit your styling needs and made of natural human hair. They can be styled as normal once created. You will be showed how to place them and they will be custom measured according to your head shape and are designed for areas where you need extra thickness or effect. Cost for this service will be determined by the amount of hair, length of hair, number of needed extensions and time it will take to create them. Any coloring needed for your extensions will be charged as an extra coloring service. It is also recommended that you schedule a styling appointment when picking up your extensions so they can be placed and cut according to your style preference to be most flattering.
Full Head Color
A Full Color Service allows one color to be applied all over the hair to lighten natural hair 2-3 levels, darken or change the tone of the hair. This service is not typically recommend for color rebalancing, where hair has been highlighted or needs a touch up of the current color. It also does not include an all over bleaching service to lighten hair. If you have questions about this service, please speak with you stylist.
Color Touch Up
This color service is designed to provide the client with a touch up on the regrowth of new hair to match their current color. Some color touch ups on those with extra thick hair or ones who have over 1/2 inch of new growth will require additional applications of color at $12.00 per 4 oz. of color. If there has been some fading in your current color due to the sun or other environmental effects, you will need a rebalancing color service, please select that service instead.
Full Highlight/Lowlight
A full Highlight/Lowlight services allows you to add array of natural colored one step highlights or lowlights to a full head of hair. Depending on how intense you prefer this effect will determine the final cost. Toners and Avante Guard colors will be provided at an additional cost.
Partial Highlight/Lowlight
A partial Highlight/Lowlight services allows you to add array of natural colored one step highlights or lowlights to a partial head of hair. This area is determined by approximately 1 in. above the ear and 4-5 inches from the nape. Depending on how intense you prefer this effect will determine the final cost. Toners and Avante Guard colors will be provided at an additional cost.
Color Toning
A color toning service is offered if your desired highlight or bleaching service does not give you the natural look you are wanting. This an add on service and the base price is for services provided on the same day and time of the toning. Additional costs and time will apply if it is provided as a separate service and you should a lot an hour and a half to two hours of time for the service.
Avante Guarde Add-On Color Service
This is an additional add on service to a bleaching or highlighting color service. Please choose your color service and then add this selection. Avante Guarde Color Services are highly pigmented bright and bold colors applied to the hair after a bleaching/highlighting service. These colors are not permanent and will fade and require special upkeep to assure longer lasting results. Avante Guarde colors can last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks and vary by the color chosen and the health of the hair. Please talk with the stylist when choosing this service for more details.
Color Correction Consultation
This is a per hour consultation service provided to clients who have had a bad color experience and need to fix/adjust their current color. If you feel your consultation would for any reason take longer than an hour, please book accordingly. Since there is no way for the stylist to know prior to your appointment what the history of your color experience has been, it is highly recommended you come in for a consultation. Please write down everything that has been done to your hair in the last year, including any color removers used, brand of color, if it was at home color or salon products were used, etc.
Color Correction Service
A color correction service is a per hour service and will only be done once a consultation has been obtained. Please see Color Correction Consultation and book that service prior to attempting to book the correction service or your appointment will be declined. A consultation is needed to determine color levels, damage and products used in prior color applications. It will also be used to estimate cost and amount of time it will take to complete your service.
Brow or Lip Waxing
This waxing service is designed to reshape and get rid of unwanted hair in the brow or lip area. Your stylist will discuss shape with you at your appointment.
Brow Tinting
A brow tinting service is designed to make your brows match your current hair color or make them a shade or two darker or lighter. It is not recommended that you bleach your brows to blond due to the close location of your eyes and the bleaching process can cause irritation.
Chin or Jaw Waxing
This is a per area pricing for chin and jaw waxing.
Full Face Waxing
This is a service provided for clients that request brow, lip, chin and jaw waxing.
What's In Your Kit, Makeup Lesson
This is an in salon service, hourly priced service provided for clients who want to learn, start or overhaul their personal makeup kit. Learn what products you are using that work for you and which ones you should pitch. Find out how to mix and match to get more out of your kit. Get recommendations on what you should add, make a wish list and get suggestions on application.
Basic/Natural Makeup Application (In Salon)
This service is provided to give the client a beautiful, but natural makeup look for a special occasion, evening out, photo shoot, etc. It does not include heavy contouring, specialty looks, eyelash extensions, etc. A natural makeup service is designed to enhance your features and to camouflage your unwanted areas for a more beautiful but simple look.
Glamour Makeup Application (In Salon)
This is a makeup application that provides the client with a glamour look for a night out, gala or formal event. It is a heavier and bolder makeup look than a natural look. Contour is added if needed and special application processes are used to give a more glam look. Lashes are no provided with this service and are an add on so please add these to your booking appointment if you would like them.
False Eyelash Strip Application
A false eyelash strip application is an add on service designed to give your natural lashes an upgrade. If you wish to have a full lash base or love the trend of heavier lashes on a temporary basis, this is the service for you. An application will last around 8 hrs or sometimes until removed as long as you don't have oily skin, apply oils, creams, cleansers or other glue solvents to the strip lashes. It is recommended you avoid crying, don't swim or apply water to the face while wearing your false lashes. Lashes provided for this service are natural hair, if you would like a specialty strip lash, please let your artist know prior to your service. Some lashes may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.
False Eyelashes Individual
This is an add on service and does not come as part of a makeup service. Individual false lashes are meant to fill in or enhance your natural lashes. Pricing for this service is determined by the amount of individuals added to your lashes and the amount of time needed to apply. Individual lashes come in short, medium and long lengths. Once applied lashes can stay on approximately 8 hrs or longer. The amount of time they stay attached depends on if you have oily lids, have applied oils, creams or removers to them or if they get wet. Some individuals have been know to stay on for several days but it is not guaranteed with gentle treatment.
Bridal Makeup Consultation (In Salon)
This is a per hour consultation only and not a trial for bridal makeup, if you think you will need longer than an hour, please book accordingly. Your artist is an experienced makeup artist who works in the film and commercial industry and has years of experience. In this appointment you and your artist will discuss: skin color, looks for your wedding day, what will look best on you, skin type and problem areas. You will not have a full face makeup application at this appointment, it is possible a color matching test will be done. This appointment is provided to assure your application the day of the wedding goes smooth and easy.
Bridal Hair Consultation (In Salon)
This is a per hour consultation service only and is not a trial, no full styling will take place at this appointment. If you feel your appointment needs to go over the hour, please book accordingly. Your stylist is an experienced stylist who works in the film and commercial industry and has years of experience. At this appointment you will discuss the look you are wanting, what will work best with your facial shape, dress style, with or without a veil, accessories, etc. You will leave the appointment with a natural looking hairstyle you would normally wear every day.
Bridal Hair (In Salon)
This is an in salon service for the bride on her wedding day. If you have any specialty pieces or accessories you would like added to your hair during the service, please bring those with you the day of your service. Only upon request and for an extra charge will these accessories be provided for you. You must request these pieces prior to your appointment. Please come to your appointment with clean, completely dry hair and don't forget to wear a button up shirt so you can easily change. A consultation is suggested when booking this service so that things go smoother on your day of wedding.
Wedding Party Hair Styling (In Salon)
This is an in salon service provided for the wedding party and does not include the bride. It is mean for bridesmaids and mother(s)/grandmother(s) of the bride. The pricing also does not include a trial or consultation. Please bring all accessories, flowers, extensions, etc. that might be needed for your styling with you on the day of your service and come with clean dry hair. Also don't forget to wear your favorite button up for easy changing after your appointment. If you have any special requests please let your stylist know prior to your appointment.
Wedding Party Makeup (In Salon)
This is an in salon makeup application provided for the brides wedding party; I.e: bridesmaids, mother(s)/grandmother(s) of the bride, etc. It is a service provided to give you a camera ready look that will last and make you look your best for the photography at the event. Your artist understands HD cameras, lighting and the environment of the event your are attending and knows the best products, application and looks needed for the big day. This pricing does not include lash extensions or specialty makeup looks.
On Location Bridal Services
On Location Bridal Services are booked by contract only and require a deposit. A special invoice will be provided for all bridal contracts. Consultations and Trials are done by request as part of these contracts and have special pricing as well. You will be charged a travel rate and for any specialty products or accessories requested that are our of the artists normal use. If makeup services are being contracted, lashes are an add on service so make sure they are requested. On the day of service, please make sure you have a clean face, clean completely dry hair and have followed all instructions given by your artist. it is recommended you wear a button up shirt for easy changing later. All of these things and more information will be included in the bridal contract. Please share all information with your bridal party.
Special Event Character Makeup
This service is provided for clients going to a halloween party or special event requiring character makeup. This is an hourly appointment so please book your appointment according. Let your artist know if you have any special requests so prices can be adjusted for prosthetics, etc. If your artist will be traveling to you, addition fees will apply as well.
Pop Up Head Shot Session August 25-26
This service is only offered August 25-26, 2018. From 10 am to 5 pm. You should come camera ready with 4 outfits. There will be a hair and makeup artist on set to make sure you are looking your best and to manage any problems that should arrive. An outfit will be chosen to make you look your best by the stylist. More details will be emailed to you upon booking. This is a promotional opportunity and is not a normal rate. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a more detailed shoot, information will be provided.

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