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Our Services

Brow Shaping
the BROW BOSS will measure and draw the perfect shape for your face and use wax for sensitive skin to remove any unwanted hairs.
Brow Tint
Brow colour with vegetable dye. You must have brow hairs for a brow tint. Any skin stain achieved with brow tint is very temporary.
Brow Shape & Tint
Combine services to save time and money.
Boss Brows
A brow shape and tint with highlighting to reduce the appearance of redness and really show off your new brows!
If you are interested in microblading or powder brows, you must book your free consultation to make a plan that suits your needs.
Lash Tint
For lashes that are barely visible. Add some colour to your natural lashes.
Lash Lift n Tint
Think your lashes are short? Think again. Straight lashes are barely visible, but a lift will really show off your natural lashes while the tint colours and enhances all the way to the tips.
Choose from a wide range of fast drying, long lasting, regular polish. A gentle massage and warm soak to help relax while cuticle cleanup shows off and enhances your natural length.
Soak your worries away before cuticle cleanup, nail trimming, callous work, full leg scrub and massage followed by warm towels before a fast drying polish is applied to have your feet looking their best.
Makeup Application
A full face of makeup to enhance your natural beauty, using an all natural, Canadian makeup line.
Makeup Lesson
Not sure what to do with the makeup you own? Not sure what makeup you should get into? No clue what makeup is even out there? Book a one on one lesson. Bring your own makeup and brushes or use our all natural, Canadian line.
Brow Henna
This all natural stain is great for those with little to no brow hair. Henna will stain the skin for two weeks and the hairs for up to ten weeks.
Brow Henna plus Shaping
Add a wax to remove unwanted hairs

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