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Product Pickup
**No pressure to buy and the cost of this appointment goes towards your next appointment or your product. Are you running low on your Growth Serum, Mascara, Skincare items and you can’t wait until your next appointment? Maybe you want to discuss getting a Pony-O or chat about your skincare needs? This time can be spent asking questions or for a tutorial.
ReConnect ReGrowth Brow Shaping
If you are a current client and we have had to part ways due to the global pandemic, you absolutely should not have to pay more for brows. Please choose this option when we are all ready to connect again. This shaping service will include a full brow shaping and complimentary tint if you wish (no need to choose another option for tint, just let me know in the comments or when you show up for your appointment). We will also have time for a full brow filling tutorial. I can't wait to see you again!
This appointment is where I use your existing brow hair to create the foundation of your future brow. We will start with a consultation where I will explain our goals and what you can do in the mean time to help achieve this outcome. We will follow the consult with a waxing with the best wax for the delicate eye skin. Trimming and tweezing will be done in a way that will allow your brows to grow where we aim to grow them. Appointments must be booked every 3-4 weeks for optimum results and continued improvement.
VIP Brow Shaping (3-4 weeks since your last visit)
This is a 15 minute time slot for clients who were here 3-4 weeks ago. If it has been longer since your last visit with me, DO NOT schedule this appointment. I will need additional design time so please schedule accordingly. (Check out LAST MINUTE BROWS option for same week availability) ** To add brow tint to any brow service, choose ADD BROW TINT on the next screen along with your brow service.
Student Brows
No matter what kind of schooling you're taking, let's get your brows done! School is hard, so let's take the strain off your wallet (or mom's wallet). ADD TINT on the next screen to have your brow hair tinted as well.
Choose this option if you are also booking a brow shaping service.
Brow Shaping (5-8 weeks since your last visit)
Book this appointment if it has been more than 5 weeks but less than 8 weeks since your last visit with me. This is a 20 minute time slot for clients who were here less than 8 weeks ago. If it has been longer than 8 weeks, DO NOT book this service. I will need additional design time, so please book accordingly. ** To add brow tint to any brow service, choose ADD BROW TINT along with your brow service.
Brow Shaping (2-3 months since your last visit)
It has been 2-3 months since you've been here last. ** To add brow tint to any brow service, choose ADD BROW TINT along with your brow service.
Brow Shaping (3-6 months since your last visit)
It has been 3-6 months since you have last been here. ** To add brow tint to any brow service, choose ADD BROW TINT along with your brow service.
Brow Shaping (6+ months since your last visit)
You have seen me before but it has been a really long time. You are basically a first time visit again but scheduling this spot lets me know we have met before.
Brow Tint
Brow colour with vegetable dye. You must have brow hairs for a brow tint. Any skin stain achieved with brow tint is very temporary.
Brow Henna
No hair removal with this service. This all natural stain is great for those with little to no brow hair. Henna will stain the skin for two weeks and the hairs for up to ten weeks. Benefits of BROW HENNA * promotes growth * colours natural hair * stains the skin for a fuller looking brow * natural vegan product (not tested on animals) * adds thickness to natural hair, creating more fluff * ombre effect possible for a more natural look * no peroxide or ammonia * customization of brow colour with more colour options available
Brow Henna plus Shaping
Add a wax to remove unwanted hairs
Brow Henna Retouch
Keep your brow henna looking fresh with a bi weekly touch up.
Book your BROW HENNA with a friend and SAVE $10 each (for a total of $50 each!!). You must be able to come together. Grow your brows together. Friends don't let friends have bad brows.
**Your $30 fee will be added to you account to go toward any service I provide. Not sure what to do with your brows? Whether you are considering what to do with them on your own, leaving the shaping to a professional, looking for ways to promote growth, maybe adding colour, or something a little more permanent like microblading/combo brow/powder brow, book your consultation and let's get an action plan going for you.
Lash Tint
For lashes that are barely visible. Add some colour to your natural lashes.
Lash Lift n Tint
Think your lashes are short? Think again. Straight lashes are barely visible, but a lift will really show off your natural lashes while the tint colours and enhances all the way to the tips.
Lash Lift n Tint PLUS Brow Shape n Tint
Combine services to save time. You must have had your brows done with me 3-8 weeks prior to this appointment. New clients and clients who have had their brows done more than 2 months prior to this appointment will not have this appointment approved as there is not sufficient time during this appointment for brow design services.
Gel Polish Manicure
Add strength to your own natural nails. This colour will be dry right away and gives your nails the strenth to grow long on their own. Professional removal is a MUST to ensure integrity of the natural nail. Peeling off gel polish at home will remove layers of your own nail, resulting in short term and sometimes long term damage.
Gel Polish Removal
Remove your gel polish safely as to avoid damage to you natural nail plate. Complimentary manicure included.
Choose from a wide range of fast drying, long lasting, regular polish. A gentle massage and warm soak to help relax while cuticle cleanup shows off and enhances your natural length.
Soak your worries away before cuticle cleanup, nail trimming, callous work, full leg scrub and massage followed by warm towels before a fast drying polish is applied to have your feet looking their best.
Makeup Lesson
Not sure what to do with the makeup you own? Not sure what makeup you should get into? No clue what makeup is even out there? Book a one on one lesson. Bring your own makeup and brushes or use our all natural, Canadian line.
Lip Wax
Chin Wax

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