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Hair studio
Men's professional grooming
Full body waxing, trimming and shaving.
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Open today until 7:00 PM

Our Services

Men's Haircut
Men’s Buzz Cut/Full Clipper Cut
Men’s Edge-up
Trim up around the neck and ears
Men’s Scalp Treatment
Men's Color
Men's Cut & 5 minute Color Combo
5 minute grey blending color
Men’s Highlights
Men’s Full Blonde
bleach/lightener full head
Men’s Beard Trim
Men’s Beard Tint
Men's Scrub Full Body
60 min
Body Rub
90 min
Body Rub
Waxing Abs
From The sternum to hips
Waxing Arms
From fingers to the top of the shoulders
Waxing Arms - Half
Upper from shoulder to elbow Lower from elbow to fingers
Waxing Back
From shoulders to just above the buttocks
Waxing Brazilian
Includes the shaft, scrotum, top, sides, and inner backside.
Waxing Brazilian - Full
Includes the shaft, scrotum, top, sides, and full buttocks. For hair on top, leave some or bare.
Waxing Brazilian modified-Front Only
includes the shaft and scrotum only, keeping all other hair below the belt intact.
Waxing Brows
Waxing Buttocks
Includes the cheeks and the strip in between the buttocks.
Waxing Chest
Waxing Combo 1
Back - Shoulders - Neck
Waxing Combo 2
Back - Sack - Crack
Waxing Combo 3
Back - Shoulders - Butt
Waxing Combo 4
Chest - Abs From the collarbone down to the hips
Waxing Combo 5
Full Face - Ears - Nose - Brows
Waxing Ears
Waxing Feet
Waxing Full Body
From neck to feet
Waxing Hands
Waxing Legs
From toes to the top of the thighs
Waxing Legs Half
Upper from thigh to knee Lower from knee to toes
Waxing Neckline
Waxing Nose
Waxing Patches
One strip small area wax
Waxing Shoulders
Waxing Speedo Line
Waxing Underarms
Trimming Arms
Trimming Back
Trimming Buttocks
Trimming Brazilian
Trimming Chest & Abs
Trimming Full Body
From the neck to feet
Trimming Legs
Trimming Shoulders
Shave Arms
Shave Back
Shave Brazilian
Shave Buttocks
Shave Chest & Abs
Shave Full Body
Shave Legs
Shave Shoulders
The Worx
Women's Haircut
Blow Out included
Teen Haircut
12-16 years old
Kids Haircut
Under 10 years old
Women's Color
Single Process Hi-Lift Color
Color with extra lift for a lighter result
Women's Cut/Color Combo
Women’s Highlight
regular half head dimensional hilight
Women's Hightlight Long/Thick Hair
regular half head
Women's Ohmbrè
Gradual fade from dark to light
Roots To Go
Color applied to the roots and then you go home to wash it out
Gloss Toner
Sets tone/color of hair and adds shine
Alfaparf Hair Bonding agent
Color additive that strengthens the hair bonds during chemical services
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Blow Out - Brush
Brush only - no ironing
Blow Out - With Iron
Flat iron or curling iron
Dreamcoat Blow Out Addition
Blowout with Dreamcoat anti-humidity styler
Women’s Lip Wax
Women’s Waxing Chin & Sides
Women’s Waxing Full Face
Brows - Chin - Lip - Sides
Women’s Waxing Arms
Women’s Leg Wax
Lash/Brow Tinting
Men’s color tubes
4 @ $9.95 ea. $39.80
Alfaparf Scalp and Fiber Restorer Treatment
Alfaparf Scalp Protecting Serum
Protects sensitive scalps from possible irritation during chemical processing.
Scrub - back and shoulders

Our Staff

Robert Showalter