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Treatment Salon

At Treatment Salon, we believe that healthy hair is beautiful hair, whether natural, or chemically treated, long or short. Let us help you unleash your hair's natural beauty. Our salon provides a family friendly environment, and the latest in hair care services. Allow us to surround you with luxury and pamper you in our plush salon. Treatment Salon provides a comfortable escape from the troubles of everyday life.
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Our Services

The consultation process will enable you to have all of your questions answered and provide your stylist with the information necessary to provide you with the best possible hair treatment and styling options. Hair styling may not be able to be provided at consultation appointment, please ask service provider when scheduling consultation.
Conditioning Treatment
This is a moisture only treatment
TS Signature Treatment
This is a deep conditioning treatment that provides protein and moisture. Amounts of protein and moisture are adjusted to the specific needs of the hair at time of service.
TS Intensive Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment
This treatment removes buildup for the scalp and follicle area for a renewed and healthier scalp. It also is an excellent treatment for controlling scalp issues like dandruff, eczema and psoriasis.
Blow dry styling (short)
This service is for hair length above the shoulders. Price will increase according to length and thickness.
Blow Dry (long)
This service is for hair length from shoulders down. Price will increase according to length and thickness.
Blowdry Styling Package (short)
This package provides you the ability to purchase 4 blowdry styling services in advance at a discounted price.
Blowdry Styling Package (long)
This service allows you to purchase 4 blowdry styling services at a discounted rate.
Wrap styling
For short hairstyles requiring molding and drying prior to styling
Roller Set
spiral set (short)
Spiral set ( Long )
Flat iron (Only)
This service is for styling only. Hair will not be shampooed at the salon prior to service. HAIR MUST BE PREWASHED AND COMPLETELY DRIED PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Flat iron (add on)
This service is typically provided after roller set to provide a smoother result. All other styling services either already built in or not required
Two Strand Twist Set
Two Strand Twists (individual)
Comb coils
Hair cut and blowdry
This is a seperate service or add on service for styling services other than blowdrying.
Children's Blowdry styling
This service is for children 12 and under. Price will increase according to length and thickness.
Children's Haircut and Style
This service id for children 12 and under. Price will increase according to length and thickness.
Crochet Braids
Extension/weave Styling
This service is provided as maintenance for clients with extension or weaving services.
Extension/Weaving installation
Ext/Weaving (Per Track) installation
This is a full head installation. 5 track max
Ext/Weave Adjustments
This service is for repairs to extension/ weaves such as loose tracks, closure adjustments etc needed outside of regular maintenance schedule. Hair will not be shampooed at the salon prior to this service
Ext/weave removal (TS)
This service provided for extension/weaves installed at Treatment Salon when extension/weave is not being reinstalled. Price will increase if extension/weave was installed somewhere other than Treatment Salon
Micro link sew-in
Micro links are placed at the base of the hair to provide a virtually undetectable and extremely flat foundation for per track sew-in
Wig installation
Relaxer (Full)
For hair with no relaxer or more than 6 months of regrowth
Relaxer (touch-up)
This is an individual service. Styling is not apart of this service. You MUST select a styling service to accompany this service. Price includes styling service and will be reflected upon checkout **Treatment Salon does not provide relaxer touch-up services prior to 8 weeks after your previous touch-up. 8-10 weeks is preferred. Service application rests solely at the discretion of the service provider.
Relaxer (partial)
Double process color
Color (full)
Price will increase according to length and thickness.
color (retouch)
Color (hairline only)
Color correction
Partial highlight
Full highlight
ExtensionWeaving custom color (10-16”)
Per bundle
Extension/weaving custom color (18-24”)
Per bundle
Special occasion styling
Locks (starter)
Locks (retwist)
Interlocking (starter)
Interlocking (tightening)
Locks (crochet-starter)
This locking method will leave you will a full head of locks and eliminate the waiting to lock period. Price is subject to change with length and thickness of hair
Extension/Weaving (partial)
Closure/Frontal custom color
Roller Set package

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