Whole Nine Wellness

Wholistic care for the whole nine months and the whole nine yards. With a focus on maternal wellness, boasting a custom made pregnancy table that allows expecting mothers to lie face down and find relief from the aches and pains of a changing body. Specializing in Sports Massage and TMJ work in addition to prenatal work. From prenatal to post marathon, we offer therapeutic massage for The Whole NINE....
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Our Services

60 Minute Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Believed to date back to the ancient Egyptians, the hot stone massage brings in natural feeling of pervasive warmth to experience deep relaxation. The warmth of the lava stones travels deep under your skin and transmits a unique body feeling. With this wellness massage your muscles relax and your bloodstream is animated. It promotes the oxygen supply for the cells and the purification. Essential oils applied connect this massage with aroma therapy for a deeply nurturing, relaxing treatment.
Gift Cert- 60 min massage
Gift Cert- 90 min massage
Gift Cert- Prenatal Massage
Personal appt
Prenatal Massage
Induction Massage
Postpartum Massage
90 Minute Massage
Doula Consult

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