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Renew & Detoxify Facial
Slough away dead skin cells and improve texture to your skin. Start with a Double Cleanse, Exfoliate with a non irritating scrub to prep skin for a session of Crystal Microdermabrasion, Soothe skin with an customized mask, toner, serum and finish off with moisturizer and away you Glow!
Revitalize Signature Facial
Skin types & conditions vary, between individuals and between visits. This treatment is customized to your specific needs. Begin your spa session with aromatherapy, double cleanse, hydrating mist, gentle exfoliation will deep clean the pores and stimulate for penetration of an enzyme mask under steam, followed by gentle extractions, toner, continuing with a luxurious facial massage and customized mask, indulge in a décolleté massage & décolleté mask, Micro Current Therapy, finish with customized serums & moisturizer
Rebalance & Clarify Facial
Soothe irritated and congested skin while helping balance excess oil production. This facial is ideal for inflamed acne prone skin. Your healing journey begins with a double cleanse, sonic brush exfoliation , enzyme mask under steam to prep for gentle extractions, a clarifying clay mask will follow before a session of High Frequency Therapy, end with a probiotic clearing serum and oil free moisturizer
Refresh & Brighten Facial
Slow down sun damage and diminish hyper pigmentation. Double cleanse, sonic brush exfoliation will be followed by an Lactic Acid enzyme mask under steam, facial massage will be followed by an Ultrasonic peel, a brightening mask, toner, brightening serum & Vitamin C moisturizer
Replenish & Hydrate Facial
Saturate your skin with nutrients and hydration for a more vibrant complexion. We start to replenish hydration with a double cleanse, sonic exfoliation, hydrating mist, face massage, vitamin rich mask is followed by a chilled sheet mask to lock in moisture, LED red light therapy for anti wrinkle benefits, followed by a hydrating toner & serum to then end the luxurious experience with an antioxidant moisturizer
"The Works!"
Revitalize Signature Facial PLUS a Session of Crystal MicroDermabrasion.

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